Can't decide if I should keep my cles.....

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  1. I purchased a perfo cles a couple of weeks ago from elux. It's really cute but in the back of my mind I keep thinking that I could have put that $215 towards a bag. I know that I will use it but I can't get this thought out of my head. It is currently sitting under my Christmas tree while I make my decision.

    I have read the threads on how others have used their cles. I guess I would like opinions on whether you would keep it or put it towards a bag......:confused1: TIA
  2. Keep it, I am not sure you can sell it for a profit. Perfo is not that sought-after.
  3. Well, since I have 15 cles, I am a little biased as to its usefulness. LOL I love them - I use it as a wallet and have one to match each bag I carry.
  4. I would keep it.
  5. If you're second guessing yourself, return it. Once you find a cles you really want, you won't have to think about whether or not to keep it.
  6. I personally would bring it back.
    I'm among the group that yes can afford Vuitton but not LOADS of it.
    I would put the money towards a bag.

    That's my 2 cents :yes:

    either way have a great Christmas!
  7. You need to love it. Same way I feel about my silver mirror pochette. It is going back since I really have no use for it.
  8. i would keep it because once you start using it you will be addicted its so useful and the perfo is so cute ! :smile:
  9. I would return it.
  10. I would return the cles & get a bag, probaby a speedy or pochette. Do you have a speedy? I love the ones in mono, damier, & azure.You could also get a pochette for just a little more money than the cles. I gave a mono pochette to my daughter, but I borrow it often when I want a small purse. Just a suggestion. I have only one cles from the groom line. I'm not that crazy about it, but it's hanging from my speedy.
  11. Yes, I have a speedy in mono & damier and love them. The bags that I currently have are in my avatar.

    Thanks everyone for your opinions and please keep em coming........:yes:
  12. sell if you want to put the money to what you feel is better use...I like the little cles myself, however they are pricey I agree.
  13. many people on this forum have said that the cles is one of their most useful vuitton items, they can be used many different ways (coin purse, cold holder, key ring, bag charm, keep reciepts, ect). However if you dont need anything for these things, maybe its not for you.