Can't decide if i shld keep/return? (see pics)

  1. Ahh....yes, the Petrol Multipocket. i finally got around to take some quick pictures yday night.
    Sometimes i wonder if it's sale goggles. It is a gorgeous bag though...:love:
    What to do? :heart:
  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that is stunning. Can't believe you are thinking of returning it?! Okay... so let's lay out the pros and cons... tell us what you are thinking as you make your decision.
  3. P.S. Measurements, please!
  4. Well umm....i'm getting this bag today :shame:

    The stitching on the MP has came loose on 2 spots (like it was snagged, but no broken thread). i'm bringing it back to the MJ store to see if they can fix it. I haven't even use the bag yet, and it didn't come with a dustbag.

    DH is not fond of the brass hardware :blink:

    Will see if i can get measurements tonight.
  5. I love it, the color is soooo rich. If your not IN LOVE then dont keep it, return for something more fab.
  6. What is that red bag? Is it an MJ?
  7. I don't love that bag. That exact one sat on my Saks shelf for months and months and months. I tried it on every time I went and I just didn't love it. I'm speaking of the color more than the style. I know the petrol is highly coveted in the stam but the color just doesn't thrill me.
  8. Gucci horsebit medium hobo
  9. ITA. If you're even questioning returning it, it was probably sale goggles that made you buy it in the first place.
  10. 9"H x 9 1/2"W x 5"D
    Same as Small Multipockets from other lines.
  11. I love the MP! I would keep that instead of the Gucci. The MP color is richer and looks more luxurious. Please let us know what you decide...
  12. Brought the bag to the MJ store in Bleecker St (NY) and the SA was kinda snotty. She was like "Well your bag wasn't purchased here, we have nothing to do with it. And all our bags come with their individual dustbags so we can't give you one. That's why i always tell people to buy from us." Sorry...but wtf?!

    I'm a little irked about the thread snagging but since they won't do anything about it, i'm most likely gonna return it to Saks Manhattan after work today if anyone's interested. I guess i just can't justify spending $500 on a bag with snags and no dustbag, even though it IS a great deal compared to its retail price. Otherwise the bag is in great condition, with original tags, care card and all. Snags are at 2 spots on the bottom of the bag, no broken thread on the stitching. :sad:
  13. if you don't love it don't keep it. I have that Gucco hobo in black. Got it on sale for $460 @ Saks. It's a great bag.
  14. Was it the one for final sale? I saw one they had for final sale. Didn't know that black horsebit hobos are on sale at all.
  15. bought it two weeks ago. I think the SA had it marked incorrectly because it was mostly blue and red hobos. There were only 3 black. Got some sandals to go with it too lol