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  1. I just received the Jige Elan in black epsom. Can't decide if I really love it or not??? I think I might be wanting something a bit larger. Your input and opinions are greatly needed and appreciated! :flowers:
  2. I don't have one, but admire them a LOT. I think it's a very chic shape. Can you post a modeling photo?
  3. ooohhh-I've been thinking about getting one-let's see!!
  4. ooooh love those! what size is it?
  5. I think a Jige Elan in black is so elegant. It would be my choice in a clutch. What do you plan to carry in it? Congratulations and good luck!
  6. I think I have just gotten accustomed to carrying large bags so this seems like I am just carrying a large wallet! I do realize it is a CLUTCH so it is supposed to be smaller. Mine is the Jige Elan 29. I know the Jige comes in a larger size. Does anyone know what the other sizes and measurements are? Here are a couple of pics.

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  7. Anyone here have any info on the other sizes and measurements of the Jige??
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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    BIJOUXLADY..........I could judge the size a little better, if you took a picture of your new clutch, next to a purse or anthing so we could help you make a decision. I love the style of the clutch! Beautiful!!!!!!:heart:
  9. I think it is a great bag for dressier day occasions and perfect for a dinner out. I have a Jige Gouge Vif (not elan) in box calf; I like the looks but never use it. The clutch is not practical as an everyday bag and it does not expand to hold alot. I only carry it at night and wish it were a bit smaller for night. So I think what you have is perfect.
  10. Are you able to fit what you need to carry inside? That would seem to be the deciding factor, yes?
    Do you have the option of trying on the larger size?
  11. beautiful purse great for a night out
  12. No, I haven't ever tried the larger one....wish I could though! Thanks for the input!
  13. Looks :drool: to me but as others have said perhaps more a eve bag.
  14. I really like my Jige but its the larger size one.

    I hope you find time to maybe post some more pics.:smile:
  15. Love it, but if you feel it's too small then it probably is. Perhaps swap it for the larger version?