cant decide going nuts!!

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  1. can you girls please tell me if i should get the artsy mm or the gm??
  2. It depends on how much you plan to carry and if you like big or really big bags. I would recommend that you visit LV or perhaps Saks and try the bag on. That will help you to determine which one is better suited for you.
  3. I suggest the GM, not so fond of the MM personally-
  4. I have the MM and I LOVE it! It is the perfect size for all of my stuff.
  5. I have the MM and it has lots of room. If you like really big bags, though, you'd probably like the GM.
  6. i have the gm in my closet right now but am thinking that its so big..the one thing i do like about the gm is the arm space cuz when i tried on the mm there wasnt as much room.. really cant decide what to do.. i am normally a big bag person but it just seems obnoxiously big...if u girls saw a someone carrying a gm would you think it was ridic?
  7. Mm
  8. Not an Artsy fan sorry the strap stops me I wish it was 2 inches longer at least. I love large bags though.
  9. Someone did a GM reveal and I thought it looked great on her, it didn't look huge at all! I haven't seen the artsy IRL and i thought I would for sure be getting the MM, but now I am thinking maybe the GM, I really like big bags though...If you're not really comfortable with it, or it makes you self concious, I would probably return it. Maybe try it around at home for a few more days and if it still doesn't sit right, I'd take it back and try the MM. Good Luck with your decision!
  10. i would say try both on in store, and see which fits better!
  11. I have the MM and it's a nice size. Plenty of room for all my stuff and big without being enormous. I would say it is comparable in size to the Galliera PM, but it has much better access to things inside and it may be a little wider.
  12. I tried on both the MM and the GM tonight. I like big bags as I am 5'9" tall, but I found the GM to be EXTRA large, lol. Both were beautiful bags, but had I purchased the Artsy tonight, I would have taken the MM. The handle on the Artsy is so pretty!
  13. GM seems to be better for Artsy base from the shoulder length. But if your not happy, don't hold it too long....
  14. I was going to say Mm but get the one that you feel you would have more fun with. GLD!
  15. Same for me...