Can't Decide - Designer Jewelry

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Which would you choose?

  1. Cartier Trinity Ring

  2. Cartier Entrelaces Ring

  3. Dior Oui Ring

  4. Dior Rose Thorn Ring

  5. T&Co Solitaire Pendant

  6. Something Else

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just had a big (to me) bday and want to get a special piece of designer jewelry. I can't decide between:
    1. Cartier Trinity ring
    2. Cartier Entrelaces ring
    3. Dior Oui ring
    4. Dior rose thorn ring
    5. Tiffany solitaire diamond pendant (I would get between 0.17-0.20 ct b/c I want something dainty)
    6. Something else (in the $1200ish range)

    What would you choose and which do you like? Thanks for your help!

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  2. I just celebrated my 40th birthday and also wanted something special within that price range. I chose the Cartier Trinity ring. I think it is classic and beautiful and something I will wear for many years. The diamond solitaire is special as well. I never take mine off.
    Happy Birthday!
  3. I have a diamond solitaire [not Tiffany!] I got years and years ago and it's such an elegant beautiful piece that I wear constantly. I'd go for that!
  4. I'd go with thorn or solitaire--thorn's the most unique; solitaire's a classic you'll wear forever.
  5. I'd pick the solitaire pendant for a gift to myself. It's definitely a classic!

    I love the trinity ring and its meaning, but I think that I would prefer to have that as a gift from my SO. Although many do buy it for themselves and rock it!
  6. Trinity ring!
  7. I say go for the Trinity ring.
  8. Oui ring!
  9. I would go with Cartier Trinity ring. And Happy Belated Birthday :flowers:
  10. The T&Co solitaire would be my first choice, then the Dior rose thorn ring. Good luck deciding!!!
  11. I vote for the Cartier trinity ring however I also love the Cartier Love ring...
  12. Trinity ring for sure. Love mine. I wear it everyday.
  13. I would go for Tiffany solitaire pendant or Trinity ring. I think both are classic that you'll enjoy for years. Happy birthday!!
  14. Thanks everyone! I think I have taken the two Dior rings off the list. I have the micro size Trinity ring so part of me feels the Entrelaces might be a better choice than the Trinity but I worry the Entrelaces would be a passing fancy.