Can't Decide! Damier Eva or Mono Leopard Stole....

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
Going on holiday and would like to give myself a small pressie to start the holiday on a nice note ;) can't decide between the Mono Leopard Stole or a Damier Eva! I could easily use both on my holiday.

The Eva would be perfect to go sightseeing and use at night. I don't have any bags like this, (all handbags) so an Eva will be useful. I am worried though about the length of the strap (due to being 5'4") have read many threads that the Eva doesn't look good on shorter ladies. And due to the size, how much realistically does it fit? A map, wallet? Bottle of water?!

The stole will look and be fabulous on the plane and will be able to be worn during the day as it would go with and dress up my casual jeans & t-shirt & jacket sightseeing uniform :smile: I do have a few other nice scarves (not LV) so could live without it, but the Mono Leopard Stole is just so :love:

Would love to get both :P but my budget just doesn't stretch....:rolleyes:

What do you suggest? Which is better "value"?

Deathly Sweet

Jan 4, 2009
Go for the stole! There is no way you can fit a bottle of water in the Eva lol. To give you an idea of its capacity, I could fit just my Eugenie wallet in my Eva and zip it up. Usually I fill my Eva with a zippy coin purse, cell phone, small pack of napkins, compact mirror, lip gloss, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. However, I don't use the longer strap/ use it messenger style because the bag ends up hitting mid-thigh on me and I'm 5'0".

The Bloomsbury or Odeon is much for suitable for sightseeing imo.


Apr 1, 2009
i prefer the eva, but go with what you want more. the eva will be good to carry the essentials like wallet, keys, phone but it definitely won't fit a bottle of water (maybe a small map).