Can't decide: Damier Alma or Speedy 30?

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Which bag to take?

  1. Damier Alma

  2. Speedy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I saw these bag on eBay, they are all great pieces in excellent condition, but can't decide!
    Damier Alma is so classic, very stilish, Speedy 30 is more a daily bag..
    Which of them? I want both :rolleyes: but I can buy one :Push: at the moment..
  2. Speedy, I'm so in love with mine :heart:
  3. speedy! :love:
  4. Had the Speedy in two sizes, returned both... just not me. Got the Alma (in black epi though) and love that shape. The Alma is gorgeous in the Damier too.
  5. Alma is GORGEOUS (esp. in Damier)!:love: If you can get a pre-loved Alma off eBay for a good price - GO FOR IT!:yes:
  6. Speedy, I think it's a little more versitile. Of course, the ideal solution is to just eventually get them both. ;)
  7. I agree! :yes:
  8. I prefer the shape of the Speedy!
  9. Speedy!!! I love the look of the bag with the Damier.
  10. The Alma is sooo nice...
  11. I like the Alma, but I think she's heavier than Speedy
  12. Alma in Damier:love:
  13. i'm a speedy girl :P
  14. Alma, you can always find what you're looking for in an Alma.
  15. I like the Speedy. It's more comfortable to wear, IMO, because of the shape and it's lighter. The Alma is more structured, though - some people prefer that.
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