Can't Decide: Coach Heritage Stripe Swingpack

  1. Which color do you like better in the Heritage Stripe Swingpack?

    I am looking for a casual small bag for the summer and vacations to warm places where I only have to carry a few items. I actually really like the coated canvas. I feel that it will be easy to wipe clean if something gets on it and I won't have to worry.

    Brassk/Khaki/Geranium OR Brass/Khaki/White?

    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg
  2. I say go with Brassk/Khaki/Geranium great for summer! do you like the pink at all?
  3. I didn't really like the light pink stripe. The darker pink was nice.
  4. I just bought this in pink today! :yahoo: Out of those two I think I like the white the best. :yes:
  5. I like the white! I think the Geranium came off a little too orangy for me. Plus I think you can wear the white with more, that's why I decided to get the tote in white instead of pink.
  6. I say go with the white!
  7. I am another vote for white. I love the khaki/white combo for any bag or accessory!
  8. While I would go with the pink, out of these two, I'd say the white.
  9. I am absolutely no help at all because I think both of them are beautiful. If I HAD to choose, though, I would probably go with geranium.
  10. i saw the geranium in real life & its my favorite shade of 'coral/pink/red' but i'm also a sucker for white bags..BUT for the swingpack, i like the geranium better.
  11. I love all of the colors in this line, but I think I'd have to go w/ the geranium for the swingpack. Good luck deciding!!! Let us know what you get!
  12. I like the white and I plan on buying it to take to baseball games!
  13. I love the white one out of the two choices!!
  14. I like both colors, but I would get the white.
  15. Thanks for your help everyone!

    I think I am going down to the Coach Boutique on Saturday to get the swingpack. I'll let you all know what color I chose!