Can't decide Cles or Dior Saddle Pouch

  1. I want to buy a small something for my birthday and can't decide between a cles and a Dior Saddle Pouch. Both are about the same price. Which would I get more use out of? I'm so torn. Help!
  2. i have to say cles. sorry im partial to LV....even though i LOVE dior. I use my cles everyday. I lvoe it. Can't wait to get more!
  3. Which cles do you like. Are some larger then others? Do they wear well when used everyday?
  4. I reckon the Cles will last longer but size wise, will the Dior pouch be bigger and what's your need?
  5. LV cles
  6. What kinda Cles are you planning on getting?

    I'd stick with LV since I stay faithful to the one I love. :graucho:
  7. i love dior, but LV is my first love
  8. I would get a Cles.
  9. you have posted this in the wrong forum we are all going to say get a cles!
  10. Wasn't sure where to post this. I was leaning toward the cles, so ya'll can push me over the line. Which cles? Mono or damier. I'm thinking Damier.
  11. Damier Cles

    Dior-what's that eeeeeeeeewww!!!

    LV Forum so LV Rules
  12. Since we're all LV-loyals.....I have to say clés of course!
  13. I personally like LV products more but depends on what you want it for, the Dior is larger for the money, so if you want to be able to use it as a little purse go with the Dior.
  14. I just noticed that the damier cles is a little larger than the mono. I think its going to be the damier. It will look amazing with the papillon I'm dying to buy. Happy Birthday (tommorrow) to me!!
  15. Congrats!
    The Dior Saddle pouches are cute but so small-good choice of the Cles!
    Also, the Damier and Mono are the same size but both of those are the most spacious of all of the Cles. :yes: