Can't decide - can you decide for me?

  1. Ok - so I am one of those that get to shop on Military Installations and AAFES (BX/PX) in my area have HUGE selections of D&B and Coach. I saw a Legacy in Whiskey today that I really liked. It stood out. It was the ALI LEATHER SHOULDER FLAP


    Price was $398.00 and I have a coupon for 10% off - so $358.20 and no tax. Is this a deal I should jump on? I have been going crazy trying to find a brown leather handbag lately.

    By the way - I have been lurking in this forum and just registered today.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I would go for it.
  3. jump on it! a great price!
  4. Yesssss!!!!!
  5. Wow, that is a fabulous price! Yes, jump on it NOW!
  6. Wow ladies - if it is really that great of a deal, I will go back tomorrow and pick it up. There is one other PX to check (it's the largest one) and if they don't have it or one that I like, I probably will pick it up, bring it home, look at and decide if I really love it that much. What is the possibility that it will end up in an outlet store anytime soon? I would hate to get it and then see it in an outlet in a month or two or even 4.
  7. Why are you still on!? GO FOR IT! before one of us LOL!
  8. They are closed! Won't open til 10:00am tomorrow. I really want to check out the other store first though. The other two (we have a total of 3 BX's/PX's here) were completely restocked. Was thinking (or hoping) maybe they had other styles of the Legacy. Which one is the most desired by the way? Wasn't really looking to go coach this time. Had my eye on something else.
  9. ^^Oh yes.. that could pose a problem.. :smile:
  10. I know that some of the Coach SA's here have said that the Ali is the most coveted Legacy style, though the smaller bags may sell more due to lower cost. I don't know how many will be left to go to outlet, but I'm not sure I'd risk losing that fabulous bag at that fabulous price. With the Legacy collection, I just wouldn't depend on a lot of it being at outlets, or that it would last very long if it went there. And I'm not sure it would be a lot lower than that at outlet, though the other ladies would probably know more about that than I do.
  11. sbk212, i doubt that the whiskey, especially in ali flap, will go to the outlets anytime soon if ever.

    the last legacy line coach put out, the only one that made it was the white color, and that was because there was something wrong with it.

    right now, ali is the most popular style in that line, and whiskey is the best selling color

    and for 100 dollars less?!

    and add 10% off?

    there are soooooo many people that will jump at that! because they brought it at 498$ retail there's no doubt they'll get it at that deal

    but if you don't like it, it's definitely not worth it.

    but if you do, you're getting a darn good sale price :smile:
  12. Thanks again! If I get it tomorrow (which it looks like I will) I will post a picture once I figure how to do that.
  13. I know I probably need to find where acronyms are listed, but what is a "Coach SA"?
  14. Just read this post and am dying to know. . . Did you get it? SUCH A GOOD DEAL!!!!
  15. Coach SA is just short for sales associate. My boyfriend can buy on the PX & he hasn't taken me yet. But do they have accessories like scarves too? Is it usually previous season items?