Can't decide between YSL Muse and MJ Hudson. Please, vote.

  1. i prefer the muse. :yes:
  2. The Muse. Have you seen the MJ in person? I'd try and go see both if you haven't. I don't think the leather is as good in the MJ.
  3. MJ has always been one of my favorites, yet up against the Muse..that's a tough call. I say the Muse in oak, just based on style longevity..
  4. Another vote for the Muse!
  5. Muse for sure. Bigger bang for your buck! :yes:
  6. I've seen it and the sale price makes my decision even harder :crybaby:
  7. I like the MJ. The two tone really makes it stand out.
  8. Hudson, much prefer the straps
  9. I like the contrasting straps too but I'm concerned they (straps) might make the bag look dated in couple of years. What do you think?
  10. I really like the Hudson. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the Muse. But I think the Muse is dressier... if you dress up a lot then go for that one.
  11. I've seen both bags IRL and actualy I like MJ's leather better than the Muse, it's softer, but it also maybe more prone to scratches........I don't know. So hard to make a decision - they both have their pros and cons for me (leather quality, shoulder strap length, color, shape, .etc)
  12. I like the Hudson. For me it has more personality.
  13. Do you think it's a classic bag? (Will it still be "in" in a year or two?)