Can't decide between the Vanessa and Gemma

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  1. Does anyone have either one of these? I am looking for a bag for job interviews / work. My profession is casual. For interviews I wear pants and for work jeans. I need to be able to carry a few file folders as well as my wallet, glasses, keys etc.. Does anyone have either bag?


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  2. Hi! I've got the Vanessa in the black leather and the green suede, and I like them for work/professional only, IMHO the Vanessa isn't cool enough and way-too business-y looking for and everyday bag!
    Hope that helps!
    Oh-it also has a LOT of if you like that-this may be the bag for you!
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  4. Oooh...I say Vanessa!
  5. The Vanessa is a nice bag. I had a black suede one but it was SOOO heavy.
  6. hbag girl,,, did you get a vanessa bag??? just curious,, i just bought one from an internet sale and was wondering if you had one,,,if you liked it,, if it was heavy if you had pics,,, im dying to get it,, but it looks pretty businessy,,,