Can't decide between the two! HELP!

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  1. First, I am new to Chanel, but I am HOOKED!

    These two bags are my style, but still can't decide which one I will go for. Want to purchase one before the price raise:graucho:

    The white is the re-issue, and the black is the cambon. If I am wrong about those bags' identity, please bare with me and kindly correct me:flowers:

    I would like to know their materials, prices, and sizes too. Thanks in advance!
    cambon blk 2.jpg Flap bag in White 2.jpg
  2. Don't feel rushed as these will not be included in the price hike, but I do LOVE that reissue. Is it patent?
  3. I can't recall but I think it was a patent material. I saw it in black and red in the NM in San Francisco during the trunk show last week. They were really pretty and I think (let me emphasize think) they were either $1,685 or $1,885. I can't remember too well.
  4. The reissue isn't patent. It's distressed lambskin like the other classic reissues are. Good luck on finding the same reissue pictured there, that's from the 2005 Anniversary Reissue collection, which is sold out everywhere. The only difference is there's a generic stamp, which I think is nothing special, "2.55 - 2005".
    It's $1875 in the 225 size and 1995 in 226 size. The white is bright white with slight greyish. I like the offwhite from Spring 2006 collection better.

    The cambon is calfskin, but I don't know the price because I never buy anything from the Cambon line.
  5. I bought the reissue bright white (with the greyish undertones) described below from the Anniversary edition. I just think it is a style that will be classic. However, if you want people (who aren't in the know like those from tPF) to acknowledge that you have a Chanel, then the Cambon is the way to go. A regular person off the street doesn't even know I'm carrying a Chanel when I have the reissue on my shoulder. It's only when I walk into Neiman Marcus or Chanel boutique.
  6. I love the reissue! Good luck trying to find one!
  7. the reissue for sure!
  8. The re-issue gets my vote.
  9. The re-issue:love:
  10. re-issue, most definitely! :love:
  11. I like the cambon but I love the re-issue.
  12. reissue, more classic :smile:
  13. Definitely the reissue. Good luck.:smile:
  14. reissue!:yes:
  15. That's what I like about it!