Can't decide between mezzo or piano, help!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm really obsessed with getting a cabas, but i really can't decide on which one to get.
    I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out here :shame:
    How small is the piano? Is it bigger than the speedy 25? Or is it in between the 25/30 in terms of content? I love my speedy but it's too small for me, and 30 isn't an option either because it gets too heavy to carry by hand, so i returned it :sad:
    How much bigger is the mezzo compared to the piano?
    Also, I'm 5'3 and petite, would a mezzo overpower me?

    Thanks you all!
  2. Piano holds about the same as a speedy 25. Its a good size bag and would look good with your petite frame.
  3. Get the Piano. I thought it was too big already for me, and didn't get it (that was many years ago). Then I saw my friend carry it and I love it! I wish I had gotten in when it was still in the $500 - $600 range.
  4. I have the Piano.. if I had to redo it, I would get the Mezzo.
    I love the Piano, but I find it a bit small. It holds all the stuff I put in my speedy 25 but it's harder to get to, if you kwim?
  5. I have the mezzo and I adore it. I am 5'3" as well but not petite so the bag doesn't really over power my frame. I would say that if you weigh less than 130 lbs this bag would look a little ridiculous for everyday wear. The great thing about the mezzo is that it is a light bag. I love how the bag fits on my frame because I find myself resting my arm on the top of the bag. I tend to use it for work, travel and shopping.
  6. i just got the piano and i LOVE it!!!! i tired the mezzo on a while ago and it was just way to huge, im 5'2 and about 110 lbs...the piano is perfect!!!!!
  7. I have a piano on the way ... I'm about 5'3" and petite and thought the mezzo would be too big.
    To give you an idea of capacity ... in terms of cubic inches, the mezzo is over 1100 cubic inches, the piano is about 580 cubic inches, and the speedy 25 (which I have as well) is about 433 cubic inches.
    Hope this helps.
  8. If you say that the speedy 25 is too small for you, I'd get the Cabas Mezzo. The piano is a small bag, unless you don't carry a lot on a daily basis.

    Have you considered the Batignolles Vertical? I think its size is between the Piano and the Mezzo. The Mezzo is really big, but it's not a heavy bag, like what others have been saying.
  9. i have the piano, but stopped using it a year ago. Then i saw a co-worker wearing a mezzo. She's petite, but looks really good on her. It's her everyday bag, and carries a "whole lot." Now I wish I bought the mezzo instead.
  10. It depends on how much you carry and how you'll be using it. If it's an everyday bag, I'd go for the mezzo. I don't think it would overpower you.
  11. I'd go for Mezzo
  12. I am 5 ft 3 and had the mezzo and loved it. need to get a new one some day. What was nice about it also was a could use it as a shoulder bag even with my winter coat on
  13. I carry a speedy 25, and I found the Piano to be too small. I like the Mezzo much better!
  14. I love bigger bags, so I vote for the Mezzo!
  15. Thank you so much for all your input! It really helped me decide on which one to get, i think i'll go for the mezzo!
    The speedy 25 is indeed too small for me, i always carry at least a large wallet, one pair of sunglasses and a pair of normal glasses, waterbottle, make up bag, agenda, 3 clesses... and i always end up putting more in (don't we all love accessories :p)

    Bernz84, i bought it a few months ago and returned it because i didn't like the idea that i can't zip it up , but thanx for the input :smile: