cant decide between mandarin&...

  1. I saw epi bucket in mandarin and fell in love with it... do you guys think I should get one or wait for the new colors? i have a mandarin soufflot already but have a hard time using it, i prefer i shoulder type bags... wait for the new color or get a mandarin or wait for the mirroir line? would you have any idea hhow much the papillon in mirroir line ba?
  2. The Pap in the Miroir line will be around 1100.
    But since you already have something in Mandarin, I'd wait for the Miroir collection..
  3. If you already have a mandarin bag, I would get something else.
  4. I think you should wait for the new epi colors, I'm not really a fan of the miroir collection, have to see this one in person.
  5. What new colors of epi are coming out?
  6. I'd wait, just because you can always catch the bag later on eBay. :yes:
  7. wait for new colors in epi....don't know what they'll be, but I want new colors myself!
  8. There are new colors in epi coming out?:nuts:
    Edit: I think you should wait, since you already had that color.:yes: