Can't decide between MAB black w/ patent or w/ basket weave!!

  1. Hi gals,

    this is going to be my first RM bag, but i can't decide whether i should get the black with black patent or black with basket weave.....
    someone please give me some advice!! thanks!!
  2. ^I'd definitely go with the black/basketweave. It's beautiful and unique, and the weaving looks very rich and elegant. In comparison, the patent looks very off to me on this bag and does not suit it well, and it is not nearly as elegant. Just MO, though!
  3. i would go with black with basketweave also!
  4. Another vote for black/black basketweave. It seems to suit the bag more. The patent looks off to me b/c of the contrast between the shiny, almost plastic look and the rest of the bag.

  5. I like the bastket weave, it's more unique than the patent. It looks a low cuter and prettier too.
  6. I prefer the black/black basketweave too. Actually, I've always liked that bag!
  7. I like the basketweave, it's really nice looking.
  8. ^Contessa, who the heck is that in your avatar :roflmfao:
  9. Why Ma'am it's me...Dirty Harry.

    Feelin' lucky?????!!!!!
  10. ^Muahahahahah! He was the Mayor of my hometown a while back!
  11. I vote black w/basketweave, but I'm kinda partial since I'm not a huge fan of patent.
  12. well i bought the black basketweave as my first RM bag~ so i'm biased!
  13. yes, I agree! Get the black w/basketweave!
  14. I'm making it unanimous (so far). I vote for the basketweave!!!
  15. LOL! I think you have your answer!:yes: