Can't decide between Luxury Bowler or Muse

  1. If you have to choose between those two, which one is better to get ? ... I just found out that YSL Muse's stitching will come loose easily (and I really like that bag :push: ) ... the other option is the Luxury Bowler ( I love it too :blush:) .. I can't decide ! Any suggestion ?
  2. Well, you *are* in the Chanel forum, LOL! I had the Muse before I had my first Chanel bag and while it was beautiful in chocolate brown leather, it didn't feel right. It wasn't really me. I found it to be heavy, cumbersome and too formal.

    I own the Luxe bowler and this bag is definitely my style. It is lighter in weight, holds a lot due to the depth, and is extremely well made. I've had my deerskin bowler since August 06 and it still looks pristine. I've used it a lot and haven't been extremely careful with it. Once on a job interview the woman thought she was being helpful by picking up my bag and carrying it to the front desk for me, and I almost died! She yanked it by the straps like it was a target bag and tossed it on her arm. I don't know why people don't ask "Is it okay if I touch your purse?" But I digress. It survived!
  3. hmmm, sorry for being stupid :p but which is the bowler?
    i like the muse although i never manage to buy them, i think it's a classic big bag :yes:
  4. is it the one? borrowed the pic from H_addict :p
  5. Definitely the bowler. I still regret selling mine and have been on the hunt for another.
  6. yep, that's it seahorse! nice huh? :graucho:
    i say go with the bowler OP!:wlae:
  7. Lux bowler of course!
  8. luxe bowler!! :yes: :yes:
  9. Hands down, Luxe Bowler!
  10. Thx evry1 with ur feedback
    :p hihi I know I am in the Chanel forum ... I am considering getting the Bowler too then I found out from this forum also that the stitching on Muse will loosen up very quickly. Although my main interest on Muse but I won't spend that amount if the stitching loose.
    I live in Seattle and I doubt they have Bowler in here. I called Singapore (I am going ther this April and I can claim the tax refund), they don't carry the leather anymore (cos it's last year's) ... any idea wher to get with good price ...
  11. No Muse for me.
  12. Definitely the bowler. It is edgier and fun.

    And I love the shape of the Muse. But I have to say whenever I see a Muse being carried IRL I don't like it. It's weird. I like the bag, I like the shape and I love the brown. Don't like it on a person.
  13. O.K.....I may be booed out of here, but I have to say I love the muse! I am a huge fan of Chanel and hang mostly in this forum, but I own a variety of designer bags.

    I have the oversized in chocolate brown and just love it! I do have some slight fraying on the threads, but it really doesn't bother me. It frayed a little and then never got worse. As a matter of fact, the more the bag ages, the more beautiful it looks. The leather is some of the nicest I've seen.

    The two bags your thinking are very different to me though. Have you tried both on? That may make your decision easier.

    You really can't go wrong with either bag, they're both beautiful. Let us know what you decide.
  14. bowler all the way.
  15. I loved all the pics of the Muse, but whenever I tried one on, it didn't work for me. The handles are awkward and makes the bag heavier than it should be, for me at least. So I vote for the bowler.