cant decide between grey or chocolate city

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  1. i dont have any bbags yet, and ive been driving myself crazy for days. :wtf: lol HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Which year your "grey" and "chocolate" are from?
  3. it doesnt matter, i just dont know which color to go for in general. :P
  4. I personally like medium grey instead of dark grey which looks like faded black. Bal hasn't made beautiful grey since 2005. I would go with chocolate/brown.
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    i like both! But if i have to choose, first choice would go for Brown.
    (hey, just to add on, it also depends on what colors you wear most of the time)
  6. i wear black, light gray and white a lot. and for non-neutrals, navy blue or green.
  7. I'd go for the gray. I like chocolate for the warmer neutral colors. I do like brown with almost all greens though.

    This is why we all end up with more than one Bbag. Sorry...:yes:
  8. I love the anthra so I say grey-ish for cooler coloured outfits. But I also love chocolate for warmer coloured outfits. Yeah, that's why you tend to end up with more than one Bal..
  9. Chocolate- dark chocolate

    Grey- dark grey

    but I'd go with dark chocolate first then grey
  10. I'm more of a grey person, although I've heard nothign but great things about 2005's Chocolate, so unless it's the 2005 Chocolate bag, I would go with a grey!
  12. depends on which grey/brown..
  13. I have a 2005 chocolate city and the color is TO DIE FOR! It looks great this time of year and with everything I wear!!!

    I have an anthra that looks good with everything too. So I guess I'm not much of a help...sorry!
  14. Rich chocolate!
  15. I have the '05 chocolate City, too, and love it. For a grey bag, I would want the '07 anthra - had an '07 anthra Twiggy and sold it and miss it. It has blue/green hues to it in different light and, it, too, looks good with everything, IMO. No help, here, either. If I can find the right bag in '07 anthra, that's my next Bbag. For the colors you wear, anthracite may work the best for you, though.