can't decide between damier canvas papillon 26 or 30

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  1. hey, everyone! :yahoo:it's my first time making a thread. and i've decided to devote it to the LV damier canvas papillon!

    i'm determined to get my first LV within the next few months, as a treat for persevering through this frenzy i like to call college app mayhem season :sad: . mm, the one problem i have is that i can't decide between the 26 and 30!

    pros of 26: cute, perfect size
    pros of 30: can wear it on shoulder

    cons of 26: only worn by hand or on the forearm, possibly making it annoying to wear?
    cons of 30: looks so awkward from the back view with the arm hanging over the round, but beautiful :P bag. kind of too big for my size (5'1).

    i'm scared of purchasing bags that can't be securely worn on the shoulder, because my friend's mom recently got mugged.. the mugger broke the strap of her mom's LV bag :crybaby:. and the general consensus among my group of friends is that shoulder bags are better than arm/hand bags. but the 26's size/shape is more suitable for me than the 30 is.

    ahhh!!! i can't decide. and that's where you lovely and educated folk come in to play! ;) so it'd be great to hear all of your input! this is a crucial decision to make! or, well, at least for me it is :Push: hehehe.

    thank you for your time! hoping to hear from you guys! :supacool:
  2. you really thought of the pros and cons and I think after reading your positives and negatives, the 26 is perfect for you. You even say cute, perfect size ehehee
  3. I guess just think about how you will use the bag. I am always throwing my bags onto my shoulder, so I personally have learned that I cannot buy any big-ticket bag that cannot fit on my shoulder (this is why Speedies are out for me, as much as I love them.) I don't like long-strap bags much- prefer a bag that will sit just under my shoulder- but it NEEDS to fit on my shoulder. So I'd go with the 30 for myself.
  4. 30 :yes: i'm petite as well but i'd go for that...

    if only it didnt remind me so much of the cat bag I used to carry in college..:sweatdrop:
  5. i'd go with 30 just because you get the mini pap with it!
  6. I don't have a papillon. But I think the damier papillon is so gorgeous! 30 is the perfect size IMO, and it even comes with the baby pap! :love: But then again, if you prefer the 26, go for it! After all, you are the one who's gonna use it. Get something that will work for you. :yes: Are you sure that you can't use the 1-strap technique to fit it on your shoulder? :shrugs:
  7. I have the 30 in mono and love the mini pap is so cute.
  8. Yep!
  9. hmm, thanks for all of your opinions! i want the mini pap..but in the mono pattern . hah, wonder if the store will lemme buy the 30 in damier canvas and choose the mono mini pap :rolleyes:.
  10. I would def. get the 30:smile:
  11. i have the 30 and i think it's the perfect size. it can hold so much, plus it comes with the little baby Papillon
  12. You should get the 30 because it has more room than the 26 and it comes with a baby pap that you can use for the evenings. Also, pap 30 can be carried over the shoulder while the 26 can't.
  13. Agree with everything that she said. Just having the extra accessory bag would be nice!
  14. If you want more room get 30, I just bought damier 26 because I don't really plan to use it as daily bag. I am looking for the cuteness.
  15. That's what I was thinking too :smile: