Can't decide between Botkier Crosby Hobo or MJ Amy Hobo - Help

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  1. I'm looking for a new bag and I think I've got it narrowed down to between Botkier's Crosby Hobo and Marc Jacobs' Amy Hobo. Aside from the difference in price, which do you like better? I'm also open to suggestions in the same price range (between approx. $700 to $1100).

  2. Oh, I'm also considering Kooba's Lena bag too any thoughts on that as well would be most appreciated :smile:
  3. maybe you can post the bags pics?
  4. Hehe, I suppose pictures would be helpful. I'm looking for a good, every day bag that I can get a few seasons out of.

    Here's a picture of the Marc Jacobs Amy Hobo

    Here's the Botkier

    And here is the Kooba Lena
  5. oh, they're all gorgeous :P
    but i must say that i found the botkier delicious :yes:
  6. The MJ! The MJ! :yes:
  7. Yeh I have to say the MJ too...
  8. I am leaning toward the MJ, but I was hoping that I'd get an overwhelming response in favor of one of the less expensive ones ;)

    I do love it though. It's fate, I think, because Amy is my name -- It was meant to be :heart:
  9. I have to say the Botkier - I love the color, but I'm kinda over black...
  10. I love that MJ bag! The Botkier is also pretty, but that MJ is just screaming to me, buy me! LOL
  11. I own a mj and a botkier in different styles and for the money the botkier is really nice and the leather is great. It really comes down to what your style is....I would choose the botkier.
  12. I would say go w/Botkier---I really like that bag. Also, you can get it from a site that has a code ( shopbop, shoprapunzels, etc.):yes:
  13. I got the Botiker Crosby Hobo last week. At first I was undecided about the's rough and textured. But I used it and I realized it has great sheen. I'm so happy I decided to keep the bag! Get the Botiker!!!
  14. I say the Botiker or the Kooba.
  15. Botiker or that order! (all are lovely...)