Can't decide between bags.. which to buy?

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  1. I am trying to find a new mono bag to buy.
    I have the cabas piano, and the speedy 25 already.
    I definitely want a shoulder bag this time with a bit more room in it than I have.
    I am looking at these and would like input from those that have them already.

    Galliera PM (I think the GM would be too big)

    Monty PM (again I think the GM would be too big)

    Beverly GM

    Any advice?
  2. Galliera PM!
  3. I think Galliera PM would be a goood choice!
  4. Galliera PM too!
  5. I have the Monty GM and love it! The Monty and Cabas are kinda alike where they are a little plain. Not sure about the Beverly GM too, it doesn't look as comfy as the Galliera. So I pick the Galliera!
  6. Galliera PM!!
  7. From your list I like the Galleira PM the best. You should probably go to the boutique and play with them all before you decide. Have fun!
  8. They're all great bags, but I'm liking the Beverly GM ATM. :tup:
  9. Galliera!
  10. Galliera PM
  11. Galliera PM gets my vote too !
  12. My favorite bag on your list to choose from is definitely the Beverly GM. I think it's such a classy mono bag. It's also quite different from the Speedy and Cabas Piano bag, which would give you some variety to your collection.
  13. I have the monty pm and it's a great bag for the money! lots of space, can be carried on your shoulder or on your arm...looks great and classic...can't really go wrong...the galliera pm is beautiful and love that bag also, but about $500 more than the monty...
  14. I really like the Galliera, but I am going to go with the Beverly GM, very classy bag.
  15. Galliera PM (IMO, I like GM better. :smile:)