Can't decide between a dress for my own party!


Which dress?

  1. Black

  2. Red

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  1. Ok. I'm having a graduation party (college)...first party in my life. There are going to be a TON of people there, and it's at a very fancy place. My problem is that I cannot decide between these two EXTREMELY DIFFERENT dresses. One is very "not me" and showy. Tight, RED.

    Currently I own 6 black and I'm only 22. The other dress I found is much more classic, Audrey Hepburn style. In the picture it doesn't look that nice on me, but it fits me rather well IRL. The detail is amazing (included in the 3rd picture) and I love the dress. The only problem is that I ALWAYS wear black. My mom picked out the black dress so I tried it on to please her, but I really love it too.

    But...I've had my heart set on the red one. I need opinions please! You can also tell me neither. Now looking at the pictures...I don't like them on me so much. =( I just figured I won't be a size 2 forever so it's worth wearing the red one...I guess! I'm so indecisive.
    DSC02014.JPG DSC02011.JPG DSC02012.JPG
  2. I think the most important thing is for you to be comfortable, it sounds like you want to wear the go ahead! There is nothing worse than going to a party where you feel self-conscious and are worried about how you look.
  3. I know. The black IS more comfortable, but beauty can be painful lol. The red one is tight...clearly I need to wear spanx lol, but I don't want to "age" myself with the black dress.
  4. Frankly, the black dress looks pretty young for me since shift/jumper style dresses are being promoted so heavily, and the beading looks very nice. Personally, I think the red dress is too tight, and I don't see anything that outstanding about it. It just looks like a showy, red dress. I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing black often, and the second looks very elegant. Also, since you spoke more about it in your post, it seems like it's the one you're most interested in. But whichever you choose, like mishiechau said, it's important that you're comfortable.
  5. Thank you for your honest opinion! The 4 was too big...and the 2 I know I just make it in. The 2nd is more elegant, more like the place I'm having the party. I just feel like I'm ALWAYS wearing black...which I am. I thought a change would be good, but I'm always going back to black!
  6. I like the black one on you.
  7. Thank you!
  8. i like the black : )
  9. i love the red!! who makes it ? I want it!! u look gorgeous!! be the hottest one in the room, u only live once!!
  10. RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its your graduation, so claim the center of attention! Plus, on you I have to say the shape of the red one is just SO flattering. The black looks kind of stodgy, and this is your last time to feel young and fun before entering the real world!!
  11. Thank you! It's Nicole Miller. Bloomingdales has it in dark blue, and I found it in Lord & Taylor in red.
  12. Thank you! I wasn't too sure if it was flattering or just tight lol.
  13. I like the red one better. Its your party, so stand out.
  14. I agree that you need to be if you're more comfortable in black, go for black! BUT I love how you look in that red dress - it's stunning and shows off your shape nicely!
  15. comfort is always number one
    but.. that red one is HOT lol
    :p i say go for the red