can't decide between a birkin 30 or 35

  1. hey everyone,

    i need help from you all! i'm going to purchase a black togo w/gold or silver hardware, but can't decide on size. i've never compaired both side by side so don't really know how much bigger the 35 is vs a 30. i stand at the height of 5'10'' and very thin.......which size would you guys recommend on me wearing? which size is the most popular one by the way. thanks for replying
  2. i'm 5 8 and not that thin :blush: and the 35 is a great size on me, i suspect you will think the 30 cm is too small. from what the SAs told me the 35 is the more popular size (i live in the US).

    also it depends if you like rigid vs. souple, i think the souple birkins tend to look a bit larger due to the "batwings" on the side.

    i'd say 35 cm due to your height but it also depends on what you plan to use the bag for. the 30 cm is great for an everyday bag and the 35 is more a tote bag (but i use it everyday :smile: )

    edit: the question might be moot, as once you get one, you'll want more! i have a 35 cm and am hoping to get a 30 cm one day :smile:
  3. hey,

    thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it........i think i'm leaning more towards a 35 long have you had your birkin? i bet you love yours just as much as i'll love mine. thanks again
  4. 5'10" (you lucky girl!) I'd go for the 35cm. I think the 30cm will be too small on your frame. You'll LOVE the bag.....
  5. Isn't there a photo of a tall PF member like 5'10" with a bj 30cm birkin in member's items?? Check there.
    I would pick 35cm Sophia as I think that 30cm is too small.
    It may help to determine how much stuff you put in your bag too.
  6. I would also say go with the 35cm! Good luck!!!
  7. If I have your height, I would go for a 35cm anyday.
  8. hey everyone,

    thanks so much on your opinions, now i feel more secure purchasing my 35 birkin, and hope it suits me well! thanks again!
  9. Another vote for the 35cm. It will look perfect on you!
  10. If you worry about weight of the bag though, you should go with a 30cm. A 35 is heavy even when empty.
  11. i've had my birkin for about a month and i do :heart: it! i hope you get yours soon!!!
  12. For a tall lady, the 30 cm has more of a handbag look while the 35 is more of a carry all tote. I have a very tall friend, retired model, who looks elegant carrying a 30 cm. I think it mainly depends on how much stuff you want to carry around.
  13. I (5,61) love to wear both sizes: The 30 for the evening or a short trip downtown, the 35 for more shopping or for work. I mean the 35 is more popular but a lot of people speak about the "new in-size" of 30.
  14. Hopefully, I will get a 35 one day when I have collected more 30s!!! As I would love one for travelling - such a chic carry-on! However, for every day use - because I don't have to lug much stuff around with me - I prefer the 30 cm Birkin. Originally, it was the Hermes SA who choose the size for me - I went into the store to place an order and she had me model various Kellys - as no Birkins were available to check the size and she choose the 30 cm for me. I am 5'5" and around 105 lbs. I think as you are 5'10 - the 35 would look great with your height!