can't choose between nappa gauffre and patent gauffre satchel; please help me!

  1. i'm undecided between these two beauties. im looking for the perfect black bag and have seen them all. ive narrowed my choices down to these two. the main factor has to do with the patent leather. these babies run about $2650.00! i have to 100% sure about my decision. what if patent leather is a fly by night fad that looks tacky in 6 months? i really like the look, its very sexy. the nappa is cute, but a little too goodie-goodie with the rounded top. the square boxy frame is much more appealing in my opinion. how about you? thanks for any input and have a great weekend!
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  2. It seems you love the patent one much more, It will always be in style never be a fad. I personaly prefer the leather bag, but if you love the patent you need to get that one! Plus you called the other one goodie goodie lol meaning
  3. i think if you can carry something off, it will always look good on you. and if it looks good on you, you can always funk it up with a variety of combinations of different styles of shoes, coats, hairdos, hats, etc, and it will never look outdated on you even when every other style magazines and gurus say so. what do they know anyway. when something looks good on you, it looks good. that is it.
  4. OMG! I LOVE both!!! Shoot..I would have to order BOTH of them..then decide and send one back..I love the patent..wish it came in the smaller size like that small red one...Yummy! Go for it..If you order..Please post pics..I would love to see that patent one modeled...Good luck!! You have great taste!! :p
  5. ^Neiman's?..Saks? Where did you find these beauties?
  6. I'm an old lady whose seen fads come and go. The patent is a fad. Give it two seasons tops and it will start disappearing. The nappa is far more timeless, even the design is more timeless. So if you're looking for an investment piece versus a fashion statement, my opinion is go with the nappa.

    The flipside is if you have the resources and $2650 is pocket change for you, then get the patent. Or as Emmy said: get both! ;)
  7. I'd go with nappa.
  8. the patent at Neimans and the nappa at Saks- they're exclusive to each store.
  9. ^I agree the nappa is far more timeless....When I buy a bag I always keep this in mind..I definitely don't want to drop beaucoup $$ on a bag and in a year be wondering why I bought it..been there done that...I still stand firm..Order both and compare side by side..sometimes it's just the only way...:smile:
  10. has the smaller satchel in black patent- yummy!
  11. NAPA...I dont like the patent....I think its more timeless...
  12. Hey Jill! I thought you had left for Aruba. When are you leaving us?
  13. ^I dont leave till Tues AM...LOL.....Day after tomorrow....Cant wait..It freakin snowed here in NJ yesterday...ROFL..I need the SUN!
  14. Napa. Why don't you look for a different style in napa if you like the style of the patent?
  15. I would get the napa.