Can't choose a pochette!

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  1. Which do you guys like better... the riveting pochette or the mc pochette? I was thinking of getting the riveting, then getting the mc marilyn. Or I could get the mc pochette and the neverfull. I hate decisions! :sad:
  2. i have a mc pochette and love it! but i really like the riverting one too! i say get the riveting and then the mc marilyn :biggrin:
  3. How about the mc marilyn and Neverfull later:graucho:
  4. I wish they made a MC riveting pochette! Then my problem would be solved!
  5. Definitely the Riveting....I love this bag!
  6. I say multicolor pochette!
  7. hehehehe.........MC!!


    I :heart: mine!! ^^^^
  8. I have them both and I think you should get the riveting one first
  9. i'd say rivets because its limited edition/seasonal (well i think at least?) and you can get the mc later.
  10. I'd go with the Riveting Pochette.
  11. MC Pochette gets my vote!
  12. Riveting pochette definetly, it is gorgeous, Id love one also!
  13. Go for the Riveting pochette first! (you can always get the MC pochette or something else in MC later)
  14. ITA with what everyone else is saying about the Riveting. :yes:
  15. I vote for the riveting! :yes: