Can't believe what this winning bidder did...

  1. I sold my used Fendi Spy Bag in an auction that ended on Saturday, and the winning bidder (who came in at the last second and sniped the auction) refuses to pay because she’s accusing me of shill bidding, which is absolutely not the case. Here is the email she sent me:

    Hi, I'm the winning bidder of this item, but I'm not convinced of the legitimacy of the bidding. According to the bids an eBay member with 0 feedback bidded $900 5 hrs ago when the bag was only at $400! I have a lot of experience on eBay and stuff like this only seems to happen with 0 feedback bidders. I wanted this bag, but i'm not comfortable with this. Please give this 0 feedback bidder a 2nd chance offer. $900 is too much to spend if I suspect shill bidding going on. The highest bidder with feedback apart from me was $615, If you give me a buy it now for $630 I'll take it. People selling expensive designer bags on eBay usually do not allow 0 feedback bidders to bid.

    When she came in at the very end of the auction and was in the process of sniping it (she had to place 5 bids in order to outbid the next highest bidder), she knew the situation, and if she had these suspicions (which are unfounded – I have no idea who the second highest bidder is), then she shouldn’t have continued to bid! I think it’s completely unfair of her to bid, win the auction and then decide to set her own terms. I can’t file an unpaid item claim until a week after the auction ends, and I know that in the end, she won’t pay for it. I can see from her account that she has only 20 fb’s because she had closed another account – where something similar probably happened and she got bad feedback, so I don’t think she cares about a getting negative since she doesn’t have much to lose and seems ok with reinventing herself by opening new accounts. I sent a second chance offer to the next highest yesterday, after having waited two days, and haven’t heard back. Any advice on this one? I am just livid.
  2. Wow. I would forward that to ebay (or go on live chat) and ask them what you should do. By all means, that girl deserves a negative. It was her choice to continue to bid to beat out the other person! What a nut.
  3. You can email her and tell her that you sent a second chance offer to the second higher bidder. Also be firm that the biddings were legit and there's no way you will jeopordize your ebay account. Let her know If the bag sells you will send a cancellation agreement but if it doesn't you are filing a Non paying bidder. Also Advise her to review the auctions before bidding and stay away if she can't pay for them. Block ehr for future sales.
  4. If you send a second chance offer to someone else, have you lost your right to report her as a non-paying bidder? She deserves to be reported to Ebay, I wouldn't let her off that easy! And trying to bargain you down on top of way, I wouldn't go for it.

  5. Sounds like buyer's remorse to me.
    And $900.00 for a Fendi Spy is super.
  6. I wouldn't have even sent a second chance offer. I would send this to eBay because this sounds like she just wanted to get a $300 discount. If she won it at $900 she obviously was willing to pay that much for the bag.
  7. i chatted twice with ebay help people, and they both agreed that she should pay, but i have to file a non-paying bidder dispute. ebay can't do anything to 'penalize' her, anyway,just hit her with a non-paying bidder strike. i think even though i sent a second chance offer, i can still file that dispute (assuming the 2nd chance offer doesn't go thru). i just got nervous that if i waited for the dispute to go through, she'd still never pay anyway and then the other bidder would change their mind. i sent her a copy of the first chat transcript i had where the ebay person agreed she had to pay. when she didn't respond, i sent her this email:

    I have spoken with ebay help a couple of times to see what they advise me to do. If I am going to have to go through the unpaid item process with you, I would actually prefer to deal with the next highest bidder and offer her a second chance offer than go through the hassle with you. However, ebay support (who I've spoken to a number of times) tells me that I need to file an unpaid item claim and therefore resolve the purchase with the winning bidder first. I would appreciate it if you would inform me of your intentions now, i.e. what you plan on doing at this point.'

    here is what she wrote back:

    you have to file an unpaid item, it takes a few seconds.

    so she clearly has no fear of the noon-paying bidder claim.
  8. and p.s. i don't want to get negative feedback from her (which i clearly will if i give her a neg) - i've had my account for years and have built up all good feedback! so it's a catch-22.
  9. ^^if you haven't yet, please be sure to post her Ebay ID in the "non-paying bidder list" thread at the top of this forum so others can block her.
  10. :yes:
  11. What a loser!!!!!!!! Ugh. File it, be done with it, and at least get your FVF back from her.

    I really hope your second highest bidder (0 FB) doesn't flake out on you, too, after you're done with this airhead, eBay-ruining, b!tch.

  12. What is "FVF"? i haven't heard from the 0 FB lady, so who knows. i'll probably just relist it as a buy it now for $900.
  13. Final Value Fee. They take a percentage of the winning bid.
  14. oh, right, but if i havent gotten any $$ from her, why would i need to get that back?
  15. p.s. i also have her phone number and address - i feel like calling her and telling her what an awful human being she is!