Can't believe this is happening!

  1. I had purchased a Moni Moni Splendor Satchel from Shopdollyrockers b/c of a 20% discount code that someone posted here. The bag was a preorder, but it allowed me to use the discount code and the bag ended up costing $357 only. Since it was preorder, it hasn't shipped yet. So today I asked when it will be shipped, and they said great news, it will ship tomorrow. BUT then she said there's a price increase from Moni Moni, and the bag is now $495. And they said in order to help off-set the price difference, they will give me 25% off just one time on this bag. So the total will come out to $371.25. That's not the price I originally bought it at. I even have the email with the customer receipt/purchase confirmation stating that I had purchased it at $357. What do I do? Shouldn't they sell it to me at $357? That's the price I locked it in at. I was searching for this bag, and I found it, bought it and I patiently waited for it to ship, and now they're telling me it will cost me more. Please please advise!!!
  2. They have to honour the checkout price no matter what!
  3. If they want to keep you as a customer, they should honor the original price. That's what good customer service is all about.
  4. Really Mona?? I haven't replied back yet b/c I didn't know what to do. I was just very disappointed :sad: . Should I just tell her she has to honor it? But what if she says no. What can I do after that?
  5. ^^^That's totally ridiculous! They have to honor the checkout price!
  6. That's awful!
  7. I would call to see what they say, if they are not willing to honor the checkout price cancel the order!
  8. Thanks for your input everyone. Ali, the thing is I can cancel the order, but I really wanted that bag. I just wish it was at the price I originally got it for. It seems they might not care if I cancel since they have very limited quantities and plenty of ppl who would buy it. But I will try to get them to give it to me at the original price I bought it at. Do you guys have any advice on how I should say this or email this to them? Thanks again!
  9. I would ask to speak with a manager and threaten that if they charge your credit card more than the original checkout price you will fight it with the credit card company and say it wasn't authorized!
  10. The thing is Mona, I don't think they will charge my cc till I tell them to do so b/c of the new price. They sent me an emailing asking how I would like to proceed with this. I can either tell them it's fine or that I don't want it, but I do want it but at the price I originally bought it at. I don't know what to do.
  11. You have two options...cancel the entire order on general principles..or pay the extra $14 for a bag you really want. I guess what it comes down to is if the $14 is worth it to you to find this same bag and on sale too.

    Personally I would cancel and find the bag on another site because I am sick of retailers that do stuff like this. And I would never spend another penny with them either. I see Moni Moni everywhere and they will go on markdown eventually..:smile:
  12. i think u should fight it. tell me is it worth 14 dollars that u stated was the price originally asked for or that they lose a loyal customer forever. (in a mad voice)..
  13. I got a couple flawed MM bags from this same retailer a couple months ago and returned them. I posted pics on TPF to warn people to only buy MM bags from a retailer that allows returns in case you get a flawed bag. This was after another TPFer had posted pics of flaws also. I wasn't trying to trash the brand, just say be careful about return policies but this retailer saw my post and called me at home to discuss it!
  14. I remember that post! That was from shopdollyrocker?? I didn't know! The bags were flawed, yet they didn't allow you to return? So they're CS is not very good at all. That tells me they probably won't honor my original price. If they gave you hard time, they will sure give me one. Sorry for that experience. And thanks everyone for the support. It does make me feel a bit better especially since I got so disappointed. Diamondgirl, I think it's more of the principle of it all. Pfung actually made a good point. Would $14 be worth losing a customer? They should just give it to me at the price I originally bought it for.
  15. are you willing to pay for the higher price? it really depends on how much you like the bag...

    they have to honor the checkout price... if they don't, try to negotiate... see if they would ship it overnight for free, this way you can at least justify the $14 price difference...