Can't believe this is a Ferragamo

  1. :yucky: What do you guys think of this bag?:sick:

    I can't believe the price tag either .... $1,590!:blink: :blink:
  2. Wow...will pass.
  3. Introducing the bearded lady!


    I wonder how much a waxer would charge?

  4. WWOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA....its passable as a bag if they cut the stupid strings off that are just hanging at the bottom!!!

    hahaha...mewlicious that is hilarious!!!
  5. I normally love Ferragamo bags (my Mum is a huge wearer so i guess i learned from her) but this is terrible!
  6. I like this version better!
  7. Yikes. BF passed by and said "eee!"
  8. Brown one is lovely, the other is nasty
  9. Oh that leather on is divine! But the crochet one, ugh! The fringe is Versace, and the knit is grandma.
  10. LOL, you are so bad!
  11. :lol: that's a nice picture mewlicious!
  12. It looks like it would get dirty about 30 seconds into use...

    But LOVE that brown one!
  13. Ugggggh!!!!:sick: :yucky:
  14. very pretty:yes:
  15. i only own one ferragmo bag n i love mine to death but that bag at the top is yucky..... hmmm, dont think i will ever buy one like that.. hehe