cant believe some people

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  1. a so called friend of mine called me yesterday to congratualte me on the pregnancy & it ended up being a nasty phone call. She had intentions of upsetting me and was really rude.

    I dont understand why she would want to upset me knowing i was pregnant.

    Has anyone experienced this?
  2. jealousy?U dont need friends like THAT!
  3. Some times people suck and they can't stand seeing other people happy. So next time don't let her upset you because that is what she wants.
  4. Wow. What on earth did she say that was so upsetting? Must have been horrible.

    People can be so cruel, but when it comes from a friend, that's worse!
  5. Need more info. Was she saying something in reference to you having a baby (jealously because she wants to have a child) or because you didn't tell her first or what? Was she referencing problems that can happen in pregnancy?

    Some people tell others they are expecting as soon as they take the HPT and I have heard of people telling them that that is typically a dangerous thing to do because it is more difficult if something were to happen to have to explain that to everyone as well. But that is personal preference.

    Doesn't sound like a very good "friend" to me.
  6. ya what did she say? We need more info. Being upset while pregnant happens but if it was done intentionally then that's different.
  7. Hmmmmm... jealous maybe?? What on earth did she say?
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    It must be jealousy.... thats the only thing i can think of as i not done anything.
    Havent even spoken to her in 6 months!!!!!!!!
  9. Um, maybe that's why. She may be feeling left out, especially in light of your wonderful news.

    Sad, but a lot of peoples lives orbit around themselves completely. Other people's happiness can become somehow a threat to their own.

    Every time I have big news I lose someone dear to me... Death in the fam, getting married, baby, etc

    I am convinced when people can't deal with big news, no matter how you approach it, they occasionally give up completely. Sad, but true. I've found these friends sometimes come back, but if they don't they take some drama away with them. Take heart, and rise above it. Keep your joy :smile:
  10. Thansk for your comment Angelfish- i agree dont need anymore drama
    Its a realsonship which was some what fake on her behalf as she would repeat everythign i said to her sister anyway..... Jealousy can change poeple.
  11. caller id is your best friend!
  12. ^^ for sure!
  13. I still don't understand what she said or why you guys got into an argument. What did she say/do ?
  14. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Don't let that downer let you down! If she was a true friend, she wouldn't be picking fights with you, especially when you're pregnant! I had someone do that to me when I was pregnant with my second child. He was my miracle baby and that was the most "delicate" pregnancy I ever had. This person would always try to put me down, lie about me to the rest of my family and my own husband! Thank god no one believed her and she got hers from EVERYONE in my family! The only reason I can think of for her to do that is jealousy. If your friend was a true friend, she would not be jealous of you, she would be happy for you! Kick her to the curb.
  15. Yes I have experienced this.

    When my childhood best friend found out I was pregnant, she made sure we met for lunch to be nasty with me. Lots of accusations of "why??" I was so far along as if I was keeping it from her. (I was into the last trimester). There was no ounce of happiness on her face the whole time we were at lunch which culminated in my breaking down and crying. How humiliating.

    Since then, she's had her own child and tried to make contact to get together but I cannot find any reason to connect with her at all. It hurt for so long, and she never acknowledged how much she hurt me.