Can't believe my LUCK!!!

  1. I am so excited right now. I am NEVER lucky and always miss out on good stuff but somehow, today was an exception. I FOUND MY BORDEAUX BLAKE!!! I called Nordstrom and it seems that there was a return about a day ago and the SA told me it was on hold :wtf: and he had to check if the customer still wanted it but he will call me back. So when he finally called me back, he said that the customer declined and if I wanted to buy it I can. :wlae::roflmfao::yahoo:OMG!!! I was so excited. I said of course I want to buy it and there we go, my bordeaux blake will be on its way to me. Hopefully I get it sometime early next week. I am soooo excited right now!!!!! Coach Superfan and Calibaggal, I asked the SA if there was any other bordeaux blakes around but he said none at the moment. I am going to continue to look for you two ladies because I know IT CAN HAPPEN!!!!
  2. that's awesome! congrats!!
  3. wow! this is an amazing day for the ladies of the mj forum. first, tuffcookie gets her black venetia then muggles wins an auction for her red blake, and now this! congrats! the bordeaux is the best color from fall 07. it looks fabulous in the blake.
  4. What a great day, yesterday it was snowing today the sun is out and it is 50 degrees!! Makes no sense, but today is a lucky day for us. Congrats, did you get a good deal price wise? Just being nosey!!!
  5. I AM SO ECSTATIC FOR YOU!! CONGRATS!!!! :woohoo::yahoo: You are soooooo lucky!!! Was it marked down at all? I am sitting at work with a goofy grin on my face for you :tup: Must post modeling pics! Thanks for thinking of Calibaggal and me :tender:
  6. Congrats. cant wait to see pics
  7. Thanks ladies!!! It is indeed a good day...:yahoo:Muggles...50 degrees during the winter is definitely a treat.

    I did get a great deal since I believe it was 60% off at Nordstrom. I think it came out to $394 or so. I can't remember. I was too excited that I found it and just gave the SA my cc info. Hahaha. Coach Superfan...I promise you will find yours too!!!
  8. HAHA OMG [dropping jaw now]
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! Do you just love it? I am so happy for you!

    There is some great purse karma going around in the MJ forum right now! OMG! 394? What a score! I thought I got a deal on mine when it was 500!

  10. NICE! NICE!!!! NICE! Wow this is the BEST FRIDAY AIN'T it! Congrats to you! Can't wait to see your new beauty!
  11. CONGRATS!!! we are seriously on a roll with the luck this week. can't wait to see pix!
  12. Wow! what a deal!! Congrats I paid that much for a used blake!!!Oh well no complaints haven't even seen it yet!!
  13. Congrats! :woohoo: You finally found the coveted Bordeaux Blake and its for a great STEAL! :yahoo: Must post pics when it arrives! :tup:
  14. congrats!!!! wow, this week has been great for all the Mj girls!!
  15. Congrats! What a sweet treat!