Can't believe my luck .....

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  1. Just checked with Sydney Chanel store, they don't have any large Cavier Classic flap in Black with silver chain.....and the singapore store is also out of stock ....:wacko: these are the only two places I can get Chanel bags disappointed !
    Maybe i will have to buy from Ebay.....does anyone know if a package got lost who can refund buyer's money ?? i am just a bit worried that If I buy from Ebay and they send the bag from US to NZ and the parcel got I likely to get my money back ??
  2. As long as you purchase with paypal and get insured shipping with delivery confirmation. You will be covered. If your package never reaches you, paypal with refund your money.
  3. I think ebay is worth a try, if you buy from the states, pls opt for USPS global express. it is very reliable and had tracking. You'll receive the package in 4 days.