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  1. A woman came into the store today as I was purchasing my Groom Pochette, and she wanted to change her Damier Azur speedy because it had some sort of defect. The SA was like, "Sorry we dont repair fakes."
    And the woman screamed her head off insisting it was real and threatened to sue. Then the matter was resolved when the SA showed her that the stitching on her bag was blue (I think it was) but LV bags are supposed to have yellow and brown stitching only. and inside the tag read:

    MAde in France
    By ReplicasR'US

    I dont know what that means but the woman stormed off and left her bag so I asked the SA what happened and she showed me the bag and the FAKE TAG> :yes: Funny
  2. there are countries where carrying one isnt even allowed.

    if there's any particular bag you're looking for at eBay, try to post it at the "authenticate this thread". the experts there can help you. of course it is always safer to buy from the boutique :smile:

    congrats on your wallet and welcome to tpf! do share photos....
  3. its a silly incident
  4. :yes: this is interesting!!

    i think it's weird to have 2 unusual incidents happening at an LV boutique at the same time.
  5. Oh, that is so odd, I just read the other thread.

  6. indeed..... i'll have whatever he's smoking :yes:
  7. OMG how shameful! Why would she go into a boutique when she KNEW her bag was a fake!?!
  8. Wow, thats really embarrassing.
  9. :confused1:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. She might not know. That would be a very embarassing experience.
  12. OMG.....sounds like maybe she didn't know since she screamed and left the bag? wow, how embarrasing.
  13. :sad: How embarrrassing! Can't believe someone would do such thing!
  14. HAHA! what a hoot for Mon. AM!
  15. OH :wtf: poor woman but just wonder if she really "innocent" or just a nasty person, trying her luck at LV store, there's so many ppl like that here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.