Can't believe it - a $300 Black First!

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  1. The other night my boyfriend was searching for a few things on Craigslist, so I got curious and searched for Balenciaga. I found a few listings that were obviously fakes, but one of them actually looked really good from the pictures, so I emailed the lister.

    She agreed to meet me on her lunch break and lo and behold, it's a beautiful, authentic 2006 Black First! Sadly she had lost the shoulder strap and it looks like it hasn't been stored very carefully (the handles need to be reshaped a bit) but it's in perfect condition and the leather is thick and wrinkly. I got it for $300! :yahoo: Between this and the Violet Twiggy on its way to me from Aloha Rag, this is a great week!

    Black First.jpg
  2. cOngrats on your great find!!!
  3. OMG that's amazing...
  4. I'm so envious right now. That's one of my DREAM bags, but $995 is just out of my budget right now...$300, however, is not. :sad:

    Congrats, though! AMAZING find!
  5. WOW...what an amazing find!!!! That is crazy!
  6. Wow... That is sooo great!!!!! What a steal!

    I'm dying of envy right now. Did you asked if she have another bbag she's tryna sell??? :graucho:
  7. WOW! This has got to be one of the greatest deals ever!! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!
  8. Thanks everybody! I couldn't believe it. Apparently it was a gift from her godmother (wish MY godmother could give me Bbags!) and she just never used it. She was carrying a beautiful Givenchy Nightengale when I met her, so I assume she must have known the First's real value. I wasn't going to argue with her though! As soon as I saw the tag and the notches in the studs and verified its authenticity, she couldn't have gotten it out of my hands for anything, lol.
  9. That is absolutely amazing! Congrats on the great find!
  10. Craigslist is weird. I remember that when I was tryin to sell my bbag, no one on earth was looking at CL.

    Or I'd get those bogus offers etc.

    At least you found a good one!

    I think CL is underrated. I search every now and then but hardly find anything in the realm of Balenciaga. Boo.
  11. Congrats. whatta great deal :smile:
  12. Congrats on the find!!!!

    SCORE :wlae:
  13. That is amazing!
  14. Wow, that's unbelievable, congrats!
  15. wwoooaaahhh! i wish i could find one in my area too! congrats!!