Can't believe I'm even asking: should I keep my. . .?


fashion ruckus
Dec 4, 2007
I can't believe I'm even asking this but lately with all my Mika pining I've been wondering if I should sell the very bag I spent 6 whole months obsessing over.

Should I keep my Brick Blake? EEeeeek, I can't even believe I typed that!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've only worn her once since I got her in August:sad:. I :heart::heart:LOVE:heart::heart: to look at her but it seems that she is not as "me" as I thought she would be:crybaby:. It makes me really sad because I think she is soooooo pretty and I wish she had more of a place in my wardrobe. But then I think about how sad it is that she isn't getting carried. Then I think well maybe she is not right for me just right now. . .

Basically making myself crazy:wacko:. Am I being to hasty?

My current collection includes:

Bordeaux Patchwork Stam
Black Smooth Stam w/ Python Trim
Smoke Mahogany Clutch
Pale Lavender Cubie
Fire Faridah
Bordeaux ZC
Brick Blake

See, the Blake is my "classic". . .but I've not carried her:s


fashion ruckus
Dec 4, 2007





Mar 5, 2008
Your BRICK BLAKE? Oh Man I still remember when she was just a twinkle in your eye! (Cheeseball I know) But If she's not for you she's not for you. Theres not much you can do about it! I cant say either way if you should sell or keep but you dont want to have a thread in a year about how you regret letting her go KWIM?


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Sep 13, 2006
I know what it's like to want a bag so badly and then end up not being able to use it -- that's what happened with the Hudson for me. I still love that bag but it just wasn't practical, so I let her go and bought something else that I knew would work and that I loved just as much if not more!

The way I'd look at it is this way -- if you had the Brick Blake and the Black Mika in front of you, and you could only choose one, which one would it be? If you're gonna part with the Blake in order to get the Mika, then I say do it -- if you're just thinking about down-sizing and don't have any plans on replacing it anytime soon, I think you should wait a little while and see if you change your mind.


May 14, 2008
I agree with everyone else. Seems like your prize is the Mika, and iluv is right--if you could only have one, you'd probably choose the Mika.

A lot of us have been there--so excited to get THE bag and then it doesn't work for us. Plus Mj just keeps churning out beautiful bags 3x/year--we'll always be cycling through bags just because of this fact, if for no other reason!
Mar 14, 2008
If you have only used her once then you probably won't be reaching for this bag anytime soon. I always know if a bag is going to work for me after two weeks. If I was so excited to carry the bag initially and used her immediately...good sign. If after two weeks I still love its function and look, I know that I do not need to put in on the chopping block!


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Apr 11, 2006
spacey...those pics kinda speak for themselves...the brick is a beauty, but she sorta sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest. i'd say, giver her a hug and smooch and list that puppy reciting the mantra :"gonna get my mika, gonna love my mika, mika-micka hey, mika hiney-ho"