Can't believe I missed this!

  1. Here's an authentic '04 lilac city that went for a BIN of $637.57. Granted the auction is in German, but still! :rant: Mylittlecupcake has scored some really great deals ($1200 for a black 2005 Lanvin kansas, and Lanvin jetset bag, and other great Balenciaga deals). I can't really fault her: she's been really nice with answering questions of mine when I was dealing with a questionable seller.
  2. Holy moly!!!!! 637 :blink:
  3. When I do ebay worldwide...I don't get the auctions in other do you access them??
  4. I would have loved that Lanvin Kansas!
  5. WOW, Mylittlecupcake must be the queen of eBay deals! Lanvin Jetset bag with a buy-it-now of less than $1200?! I'm kicking myself for missing that deal now coz the Lanvin Jetset has been on my not-relenting-till-I-find-it bag lists for a while now.
  6. OMG!!! What a deal!
  7. gooooood question.
  8. I think this one may cause a stroke or two!
  9. How do you do Ebay worldwide?:huh:
  10. ^^ You need to set it up in the advanced search settings. I've got it setup so that I can see all available auctions in all languages.
  11. Do sellers allow US Bidding though?
  12. Some do: if they specify that they ship Worldwide and accept Paypal, then I presume they allow US Bidding.
  13. ekekek! i cant get over the price! so lucky!!!
  14. OMG don't show this to firstclass1!
  15. Lol she will be :sick: