can't believe i just did it

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  1. ladies...

    i have just purchased my very FIRST Rebecca Minkoff bag.
    it is the MAM in black w/ basketweave :yahoo:

    lord only knows how broke i am now but lol...i felt that if i didn't get it now, i will regret it.

    oh! JUST IN CASE no one knows about this but Funkylala has the black w/ basketweave in MA and MAM...
  2. Congratulations! How exciting to get your first RM. I am sure you will love it! Did you get any discount from Funkylala? I was looking at the Black Basketweave too, but don't really want to pay full price. :P
  3. lol i kno wut u mean lvsforme. *sighs, yes i had to pay full price. other girls told me about label360 but i think its sold out though :/ woe me..woe me lol

  4. U go girl!!! Happy for you!! U must try asking for a discount from Lizzy coz she gave me a small discount for mine!
  5. Woohoo!! you'll love it! Congrats =)
  6. Congrats! The black basketweave is surely a classic and you will love it!!!
  7. Did you email her or what piffleprincess?? lol...

    AND thanks everybody..i appreciate all ur warm wishes on my first RM ::flowers:
  8. congrats! the basketweave would make a great first bag!
  9. Yup i emailed her asking for a discount.. She mentioned in my email that i will getting it at a sale price but i am not sure exactly how much coz she will only send me my sale order tomorrow! Probably its a 10-15% discount i think! Will let you know again! No harm to email her and ask for one in the meantime! (Maybe you can mention that you understand from a forum that some others are getting a discount blah blah...) :P
  10. lol thanks again piffleprincess :biggrin:
  11. ^^congrats on your first RM madbrinks. The basketweave is one of RM's classic designs, and i think in her interview she mentioned its her favorite as well. And the leather she chooses for black bags is the smooshiest! Great choice for a first RM!
  12. theres a code out today BLBWV20 for 20% off on funkylala. they just emailed me that they applied it to my order :tup:
  13. congrats!

    I ordered the mab too! I hate living in ny though... I get taxed up the wazoo... =(
  14. does FLL do free shipping and no tax?
  15. ^^yes they are! free shipping... its no tax out of state.