Can't believe I just bought a Dooney & Bourke bag!

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  1. My collection consists of LV, Chanel and a few Balenciagas. I haven't owned a D&B bag in a very, very long time but I recently fell in love with the D&B Chiara bag in white pebbled leather and couldn't resist buying it. Here is a picture of this great tote. It comes in a few colors, pebbled and patent, medium and small sizes. I bought the white pebbled medium bag. :heart:

    I have also attached a pic of the patent small bag from Thinking about buying the patent turquoise small bag!


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  2. Something about that style is feminine and irressistable, I think! I loved it in the suedes of a few months ago. If only they made it big enough for me...
  3. I just bought my first Dooney today also. Seriously, I NEVER thought I'd buy a D&B. The brand just never crossed my radar, and I don't like the monogram style at all. But I got a gold tote today, and it wasn't that expensive and it seems well-made. While I was in the store I saw their croco bags and they're really nice. I would totally get one if they made a color I liked.
  4. I absolutely love that turqoise chiara! I want to buy it sometime soon. I think the chiara is one of their most stylish bags in awhile. I don't really like any of that teen stuff they have going on though with sandals, etc.
  5. I really like this bag!! the shape is very, white will be great for spring and summer! Congrats!
  6. Those are super cute. They don't remind me of Dooney & Bourke of old...:lol:
  7. Very cute bag, it's a good shape and it's really nice in the patent turquoise.
  8. Love that patent turquoise. Go for it!
  9. I have admired that bag in white myself, nice choice :tup:
  10. Congrats, that is a very nice bag, I might have to go find one of those myself.
  11. Wow! It's hard to believe that's a Dooney! The white one is TDF!
  12. not feeling it.
  13. Nice summer bags, especially the turquoise. What's wrong with D&B? I never heard of this brand but these bags seem OK to me...
  14. I'm not really a D&B fan myself but I really like the look of the white one...enjoy her.
  15. It's a cute bag! I've written off D&B as well but if they start coming out with styles that are actually pretty like this one I may reconsider. :smile: