Can't believe I have to post here again..NPB!


Nov 28, 2008
I had a wristlet for sale along with a pair of sunglasses. After this particular buyer contacted me about authenticity she bid and once she won she asked if she could bid on the sunglasses too and pay them both together when the listing ended. I said sure. The listing ended for the wristlet on the 7th. She said she had to wait for her Paypal account to be confirmed and she'd pay by Tuesday. Last I heard from her was on Wednesday and she hasn't responded to any of my messages since. I can see that she's been bidding away on other stuff so it's not that she hasn't logged in or anything. I told her to let me know if she still wanted the items and that if payment wasn't receive after 7 days I'd be forced to file a NPB. Can I file now and do I have to file the NPB for the sunglasses when the 7 days are up or can I file it together? What about second chance offer? Do I file and a NPB then do second the chance offer or is it one or the other? I don't know what to do and to make it worse I'm leaving for vacation tonight!
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Apr 18, 2006
You cannot file a NPB until the 8th day of the listing ends, and you have to file them individually. If this buyer doesn't pay both of them, she will received two non-paying stikes. You could issue a second chance offer to the 2nd highest bidder now, but you are taking a risk if this buyer ended up paying.

Basically, you have to wait seven full days until filing youor NPB, and wait another seven days to get your final fee back.

Since you are leaving for vacation, you may take the two items with you just in case the buyer paid. I am sorry. I know this totally sucks.


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
Personally, if I were you, I think I'd send her an email saying that if she didn't pay by tonight, I wouldn't be able to send her the items until I returned from vacation (and the date that would be).

Actually, I'd probably imply that it was just me going away, rather than the whole family; just in case burglars got hold of the info (paranoid, I know! :lol: ).

Then, if she still didn't pay, I'd go off on holiday and try not to worry about it. :smile:

I wouldn't take the items with me, with no idea if it was necessary or not, as they might get lost, or damaged (maybe tell her that's why you won't be able to ship them while away?).

If she still hadn't paid once I got back, I'd file the NPB then.

If you did that and she did pay while you were away and she's a complete lunatic and hypocrite (who never reads her emails!), you might be risking a neg for not shipping fast enough; but you could always reply to that neg and explain what happened.