Can't believe I find this amazing deal

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  1. I am tooo exciting I got Glvenchy Pandora in baby bule with such a good price on SSENSE half year sale. I got the sale info super in time so I am able to get this baby for such a good price! even cheaper than some 2nd hand.....

    Just share with you guys! Panora definiate is very popular and have some good sale like twice a year. Keep your eyes on it:smile:

  2. Nice, good find!
  3. You know, I almost bought that from the Ssense sale but you beat me to it! I thought about it too long! Hope you love it. I'd love to see a mod shot when it arrives! Enjoy!!

  4. Thanks! I will. I didn't see a better deal anywhere else. This one really go quickly and all gone the the 2nd day sale. I am sure you can find the same good deal on the year sale:smile:
  5. Well, I'm happy that you got it! It needed to go to someone who will appreciate it. I hesitated because I'm just not sure the Pandora is for me. I did get a small Antigona from Ssense during this sale. It was an excellent deal and is the perfect bag for me.

    Post some mod shots when your new Pandora shows up!

  6. Yeah. Totally different bags. I do feel Antigone is both dress down and dress up and Pandora is more casual feeling. But Pandora is very light. Prefect choice for travel. How much for the Antigone you got and what color?
  7. I got the small Antigona in beige with silver hardware. It was $1,530 instead of $2,280. The beige is really nice, a true beige, no pink undertones, so it's a great neutral. ETA: I need to post a pic of it and I will try to do that later today in the Antigona thread.
  8. Great deal! Please post the pic:smile: I know Antigone has a good quality leather. Hope our light color doesn't transfer that much.
  9. I just got the Pandora flap at Barneys sale yesterday. It was 1495? It's still processing but in less than 24 hours after I ordered it, it went down to 899.

    It's now sold out and I'm kinda annoyed. Ugh. It's not even shipped yet.
  10. That sucks :/ if you know a good SA they might be able to price match it for you. I was able to get a Lanvin price matched at Nordstrom even though it already sold out at BG. Worth a shot? :sad:
  11. [​IMG]

    Hey Guys, I just got my good buy.(49% off the orginal price from Ssense) Beautiful colour. Little concern for the light colour. I will put leather production before the first use.
  12. Post a pic! I would love to see it.

  13. I got it online. And I don't have a personal sa at Barneys. I'll try calling them and see what happens. I love it but knowing it went down so much in that little time frame kills me.

    I don't know if it's worth it to keep it. I know I think weird.

    Fingers crossed!!
  14. Beautiful can you post pics wearing it =]
  15. It's beautiful! I love that pale blue color.