Can't bear to leave handbags behind...

  1. When you ladies travel, do you have a hard time editting which handbags you take?

    I'm going to be in Chicago for three measly days and I want to take 3 handbags! When I traveled throughout Europe and Asia this summer, I took SIX BAGS!

    Yes, I am concerned about losing them, damaging them, etc. But I can't bear to be parted from them! :sneaky:
  2. I know what you mean! Im leaving for Paris in a few days and DH wants me to bring only one or two!!! This is for 10 days! I guess Im better off since they could be lost or stolen, but Im going to miss my bags too! LOL. I still dont know which ones to take. I cant imagine using the same bag for 10 days, BUT I could always buy a new one in Paris!
  3. I'm terribly practical about my holiday wardrobe and bag.I take a roomy bag for day and a tiny one for evening. It's the shoes that trip me up....
  4. I haven't taken my bags on travel yet (well on the plane that is) but when I fly back to WA for my dissertation, I play on taking my ferragamo because that seems to be the classiest bag I have gotten so far.. of course, I will miss all my other bags...
  5. hmmm, geez... what a pickle... but i can totally understand y you want to take them all.... geez, i guess when i go on my OE i best take all my bags... carry on here i come! hehehe!
  6. I wanted to bring ALL of my favorite bags to my recent trip (which was only a week-long). I then refrained and brought my throw around bag from American Eagle and it was the best choice ever. I get to enjoy my trip without worrying that it will get messed up. I feel weird leaving my designer bags in the hotel room. Just as I feel weird leaving my makeup/lotion in the bathroom too! I always have the urge to pack them up and store them away before they clean my room.
  7. Well last time I traveled I lost 2 handbags when my luggage was stolen. One was a Tod's and the other was a Coach that I've had for years. The Coach was a gift from my husband. We were seperated on my birthday bc I was traveling. He has the bag send to me at 8:00 am on my bday. It was so sweet.
  8. I totally understand where you're coming from. I was just going for 2 days to see my parents and I had trouble to deciede which bags to take and in the end I just brought one but I would like to bring all mt babies with me every time I travel. It's like leaving my child behind.
  9. im going through the same thing. im goign to paris this week jsut for 3days. ive never been and am soo worried about what bag to take. hehee
  10. I'm the same. Last time I was away for a weekend I think I brought 3 with me... I think 3 is basically my minimum, I realized I even take that when I spend a night at my bfs! Never know what I'll end up needing!
  11. I'm strange when I travel ... sometimes I bring only one carry on for the entire trip (usually about a week) or I'll bring a lot. (I hate traveling with luggage!)

    I try to bring bags that I can use multiple times ... but I probably end up bringing at least three (one on my shoulder, one evening and another day bag). I also tend to bring a lot of shoes ... but obviously I can't when I only bring one carry on. When I went to Vienna for three weeks I think I brought around 17 pairs of shoes (I had a suitcase that time). Don't remember how many purses I brought ... but that was before the Euro and everything was so cheap, I definitely went all out shopping.

    For weekend trips to New York (by that I mean I stay over one night), I usually bring 2-3 bags and 2-3 pairs of shoes.
  12. i usually take at least 3. i change my bag so much at home, i just can't bear not to when i'm away. most of my travelling is domestic, so i don't worry too much about losing them.
  13. Bad subject this is!! LOL! I brought like 10 bags to France in September and boy was PHH MAD!! LOL! We needed to get an extra taxi at the NICE airport just for the bags.....still cant live that down.............hee!hee!hee! I would recommend bringing less,I honestly used my Chanel bag the entire time,and one beach tote and that was it.Besides if you donr have enough...GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!
  14. I hear ya! When I travel my carry-on luggage is usually filled with just my bags and jewelry.
  15. I have the hardest time picking out bags and shoes, too. I don't take my $$$ bags on trips, though, because I would pack my purses in the check-in luggage.