Can't Be Serious!!

  1. I admit to not being all that experienced with buying LV on Ebay but this guy has got to be joking.

    He's got 0 feedback and the only picture of the item is from the internet and not an actual picture of the item he's got. I emailed him for more pictures and this was his response:

    "Unfortunately my digital camera isn't working properly but I can tell you this bag is authentic. It looks exactly like the bag posted in my auction. It has never been used and has the original tags. It really is a beauty".

    I mean...come'd think if someone was selling a REAL LV they would make sure they had pictures of I wrong??? Seems like a load of :censor: to me.
  2. I would not trust any of the listings where they do not have a picture of the actual item, most certainly not from a new seller!
  3. That is pathetic
  4. Hmm...looks like to me that he's not going to survive on Ebay if he keeps this attitude up...
  5. Run, no SPRINT away from this seller!!! Anyone who's trying to sell an "authentic" bag would have no problems taking and posting tons of pictures, instead of using a stock photo
  6. That's just ridiculous!!!!!
  7. [​IMG] runnnnnnnnnnnn
  8. omg i can't believe there's 11 bids!!
  9. Wow, 11 bids? Looks like there's some shilling going on as well :yucky:
  10. Interesting...

    The item was removed by Ebay. :hrmm: