Can't afford Hermes just now, anyone else make a similarly colored bag to vert anis?

  1. I hope it's OK to post this on here. I hope to someday own a 28 or 32 sellier black kelly (not sure on leather); however, with an autistic son it's not a reality (for today, anyway). Do any other designers have any bags (preferably leather) with a very similar color? I have looked & been unsuccessful in finding anything. I also posted this on the coach & LV board, but didn't get any responses. TIA for any help!

  2. Hi Amy, Of course it's OK to post here! Welcome to the H subforum. Actually Coach did make a bag in a similar color to Vert Anis, though I've only ever seen it in suede. It's at least a year if not two years old now, though, which is good news because that probably means you could find one on eBay if you're patient. I think Dooney & Bourke also made an apple green type of bag, but it was croc embossed leather and it's not for everyone. It was part of their "Nile" collection I believe.
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much for your pm & the message. I've actually lurked around (and posted some) on the H forum, but I'm sporatic. I LUUVVVV to drool over everyone's awesome H collection. I have but one lone twilly, but it is gorgeous.

  4. Amy,
    Don't know if you're only asking about other designer bags, but if you're looking for color and don't want to spend a lot (at all!), try Marshalls or TJ Maxx - they always seem to have aisles of brightly-colored bags, including lighter shades of green. Also try department stores, they often have "fashion" colors, like if you go to the general handbag dept, but not to a specific designer display/counter. 3rd, I used to live 10 mins from NM, and at First and Last Call (their big sales) they'd put out tables in the handbag dept and they usually had bright colors available, prices up to something crazy like 75% off. Good luck!
  5. I think that Cole Haan makes nice bags, and I especially like their variety of greens. They're also made of leather - not suede or croc embossed though - and are quite hardy.
  6. ^^Cole Haan in an ex. reccomendation- a while ago I saw a CH bag in a gorgeous green shade at an Off 5th's for something like $40.
  7. Oooh good call, Merika! How could I forget Cole Haan? Their things are made very nicely and are quite reasonably priced.
  8. I am nestled between every Coach store on the East Coast, or at least it feels like it sometimes.... and Cynthia is right. I am pretty sure I saw a vert anis similiar-colour in suede AND leather last year. My mother is a Coach addict and so I go - a lot.

    By now the outlet stores are probably full of them, Summer Stock they wanna get off the shelves since it's a bright fun colour. Check around, I'll bet you find some!

    And for what its worth, Coach quality is pretty amazing, and the customer service puts a lot od designer customer service to shame. Good luck! :tup:
  9. Hi Amytude,

    Actually, Jag and I saw an amazingly cute and VERY affordable lovely leather tote at Jcrew a couple months ago. They had some amazing colors like a pink, deep green, brown, blue and honey yellow color. It's called the Tabloid Tote. I'm actually considering getting one in brown, it's such a great fall bag!

    Best of luck on you hunt!

    And Cole Haan is a great option.....very well made bags in classic designs with fun colors!
  10. Too bad you didn't have this question 2 years ago LOL! My mother went mad for my 25cm VA Birkin and she wanted a bag for her birthday in that color. She didn't want anything expensive either as she lives in Florida and can get caught in the rain with an everyday bag. Eventually I found one for her at It wasn't easy as there were many requirements i.e size, zipper etc. I found an 00XXXOO bag, at least I think that was the name of the manufacturer. I would try scouting a site like Zappos to see if anything was out there. Much easier than running around to stores, and this time of year, it will be hard to find this color.
  11. Balenciaga makes great bags in different shade of Greens, Reds and other gorgeous colors.

    I believe they have bags in almost the same exact shade as Vert Anis..Give them a call and describe the color.

    Thier prices varies between $900-1600. Neiman Marcus and select Nordstrom have Balenciaga. Its a great bag, I have one myself in Emerald (Gorgeous Green Color)..Weekender bag I got last spring 2006.

    Balenciaga is really a great, understated bag.
  12. Ladies--thank you so very much! I will check out all these suggestions. I wear a lot of green & also a lot of orange lately (warm oranges)....hmm, that brings me to the subject of potiron...(just joking)...thanks again!


    PS My handbag collection isn't very large--10 or so coach bags and 2 or 3 kate spades (not counting all the j crew/no name bags), but I agree about Coach--I love their customer service & I still love my iconic willis bag!