Cans of soup and beans.....why?

  1. I guess I need some Choo education. I've seen posts about putting cans of soup and beans in new bags and letting them hang...why? The bottom widths are the idea to have the bottoms collapse so the bags will lie close to the body? Is the leather stiff or squishy? I find the patents stiff and plastic looking, at least the few I've seen IRL. The only other material I've only seen IRL is suede.
  2. LLANeedle - you are correct! The cans are place inside and the bag is left to hang by the handles. The weight of the cans serves to start the break in period and elongate the Mahala so it will be closer to the body. This method was devised by robynbenz.

    This is the first time I've tried it. I wrapped the dust bag around the handles (for cushioning) and have hanged the bag from a big "S" shaped hook. My Mahala has 3 cans in it.

    I do not tend to carry a lot in my bags. It would most likely not get broken in soon. The calf Mahala, is both a little stiff and squishy due to the suede. The patents are indeed stiffer, and the leather is plastic coated.
  3. it seems like a form of choo torture, and it will surely get you the :push: and :rolleyes: from the family and friends ( if they happen upon your bag 'a hanging' --my bf was appalled), but it is a very effective means of loosening up the mahalas, esp the patent ones, so they hang nicer and are less wide at the base.:tup:
  4. I used the same method on my nude Ring just because that bag was a bit more structured than my other Rings.

    As for looks from my family? Nope....they actually helped! So my bag was filled with cans of peas, carrots and asparagus so they didn't have to eat them while they were stuck in my bag! :rolleyes:

    But it is a method that works really wel! :tup:
  5. Somehow, I just can't get into the Mahala when it gets that droopy look, tho. It almost looks like the bottom is falling out of the bag.
  6. Me neither. I prefer to carry my Mahala by the handles at the moment rather than over my shoulder as it keeps slipping off! Also I prefer its original shape.