Canon SD900 Digital Camera Coach Edition Gift Set

  1. OMG.... $100 for a camera case
  2. Wonder if they sell the case alone at Coach? I would pay that much only if the actual camera had the signature.
  3. I might pay $100 if the case were the embossed leather, but that seems like a lot for the signature fabric. I'm loving the camera though...maybe it's time for me to upgrade;).
  4. I the case on sale anywhere??? :drool: I :heart: it!!
  5. I have this camera -without the case (got it for xmas at best buy) after my mom got the coach set. The case is nice but IMO not worth $100. But def the camera is worth it!! hehe.

    OH and no, you just can't buy the case in a retail store - maybe on eBay.
  6. i wish you could buy the case separately, it's so cute!
  7. I have an earlier model--a Canon SD500, and it's a great little camera. Good choice! I don't know about the hundred bones for the case, though...maybe if it were embossed leather, I would...but not as it is...
  8. Oh man. If only I had seen this before I bought my DF the SD850 IS.

    Alas, $100 is quite a lot to spend on a case.
  9. They had this on QVC too.
  10. I really like this camera and the case is cute but kinda pricey!
  11. they used to have coach camera cases!! i wish they make more!! lol
  12. Not worth it IMO. My camera was only $149 lol...
  13. not worth 100.00 unless someone else bought it for me....