Tech Canon or Nikon?

Nov 25, 2006
Hey everyone, I am trying to decide to buy a new SLR camera for myself.
I'm mostly going to use it to take people: friends, family not so much of scenery.

I don't know much about cameras but here's what I'm trying to choose between:
Nikon d60

Canon XS 10.1 mp SLR

or Canon Xsi 12.2 mp SLR

I'm not sure what model Canons are it didnt' say-like Nikon d60.

Thank you!


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Aug 31, 2007
Lynchburg, VA
Nikon for SLR's. They have better lenses (which is ultimately where most of your money will be spent).
D60 is a great camera. I currently have a D40 that I will likely upgrade in the next year or 2. I love it, it takes fantastic pictures.
I think saying Nikon has better lenses is a pretty broad statement, and I'm not just saying that because I am a Canon girl. Right now, the only place the Nikon vs Canon debate matters is in the very high end professional level cameras. Nikon has the upperhand right now with the D700, which I am sure is WAY beyond what you want. Personally, I have seen many Nikon people complain that the Nikkor lenses do not offer enough selection, so they have to purchase 3rd party lenses. With your consumer level cameras, it really doesn't matter in the end.

Now, out of the models you listed, the Canon XSI is far superior to the Nikon D60. The Nikon only has 3 focus points and the Canon has 9, that alone is reason to buy the Canon. In my opinion (and in the opinion of most other professional photographers) currently Nikon has the best body and Canon has better glass (lenses).
Nikon for SLR's. They have better lenses (which is ultimately where most of your money will be spent).
D60 is a great camera. I currently have a D40 that I will likely upgrade in the next year or 2. I love it, it takes fantastic pictures.
I wouldn't say Nikon has better lenses. Lenses are pretty equivalent across the board and if anything Canon has a slightly better selection and a better market for used lenses. Many of Nikon lenses are more expensive too with the recent price hikes.

I'm a Nikon girl (shoot with a D300) and D40 was my first camera (d60's predecessor). Keep in mind that D60 won't autofocus with non-AF-S lenses, but then it depends if you're planning to buy lenses beyond your kit lens. If not, D60 is will be perfect for you, but even if you are, most new lenses are AF-S anyway, so it shouldn't be a huge issue.

You can't go wrong with either Nikon or Canon. Just go to a store and play around with both cameras to see which one feels better in your hands. I found Nikon's ergonomics superior to Canon, even thought I was fully set on buying a Canon when I went to the store.

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Dec 4, 2008
To be honest, if you're just going to use it to take photos of friends and family, I would go with the cheaper one as both are great cameras. However, if you were going to head towards a much more professional level with a camera, then there would definitely be more of a reason to discuss and dissect both brands.


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Jul 24, 2008
Nikon for SLR's. They have better lenses (which is ultimately where most of your money will be spent).
D60 is a great camera. I currently have a D40 that I will likely upgrade in the next year or 2. I love it, it takes fantastic pictures.
If I were to buy a camera solely on the range of glass available, I would definitely go with Canon - they have a greater selection, and L series lenses are incredible. I got a Canon entry level SLR when Canon where ahead in the market, so to speak, and my preference hasn't changed since then, with further experience and research. As auroraskye said, the debate between the brands is only really relevant at the higher end of the SLR range. One thing I have to say, is that a camera alone does not take fantastic photos - it needs to have a good photographer behind it. I've taken great shots on a point and shoot and an SLR alike. My point is, having a quality camera isn't the only thing to taking fantastic photos, and your photos will not automatically be better for having an SLR. Phew, now that's off my chest, I feel better :sweatdrop: Anyway!

For future reference, the XS is also known as the 1000D, and the XSi is the 450D ;)

Between the two, I would definitely go for the 450D. THe 450D has 9 focus points to the 1000D's 7, a slightly faster frames-per-second rate ( speeed :biggrin: ), the option for an infrared remote, which the 1000D lacks, a larger screen, and the option for "live view" when shooting, which is handy for someone moving to an SLR from a point and shoot. This is a comparative test between the 1000D and the Nikon d60, and this is the same test between the 450D and the d60. Between the 1000D and the d60, there's not a great deal of difference, so much so that the reviewer states that, between these two cameras "it comes down to personal preference which result is better" ( quoted for truth ). Between the 450D and the d60, though, there's a notable difference, with the Canon capturing more detail across the entire frame. Hope this is helpful!


Apr 22, 2008
Los Angeles - ish, CA.
I have a Canon and can strongly recommend it but I honestly cannot say one is way better than the other.
I love my Rebel XTi so would go for the XSi if I was purchasing today.

I suggest that you go into a store and play around with the cameras to determine which feels more comfortable for you to use - weight, fit in your hands, menus, setting up shots,etc... If you don't intend to make this a serious hobby then maybe go with the less expensive option.


Aug 11, 2009
I wouldn't recommend you either one of them, it's the matter of personal preference, I have used both brand and including the sony and pentax as well, the Canon and Nikon are almost equivalent where the quality of Nikon "seems" to be better than Canon. The low end lens on Nikon is relatively better quality than Canon, while in the high end the Canon and Nikon and almost the same. The Sony may get you to what you need with the look of a dslr user while their price is relatively low, however, the lens cost on Sony newer lens are very expensive because of the blue and G logo if you know what I mean. I would strongly suggest going into the store and check out which one is better on your hand and see if which one you prefer over the other. In additional, the D3000 will be replacing the D60 which I would strongly suggest to wait till next month for further comparison.
I generally suggest a Canon or Nikon over a Sony/etc because the lenses, and the aftermarket equipment available for brands OTHER than Canon or Nikon are extremely limited. Then again.. you might be happy with just one or two lenses for personal use.. hard for me to put myself in that position lol.


Sep 29, 2006
Austin, Texas
I have Nikon. I believe Canon and Nikon is similar, but one thing that made me decide to get Nikon because I find the grip is better for my hand and it's slightly lighter (for me anyway).


Sep 13, 2005
Southern California
I was having that same debate before I purchased my XTi. At the time I had no real plans of going into photography full time - so it all boiled down to how each felt in my hands. The XTi was smaller and lighter and the grip felt better - so I opted for that. Plus, it was cheaper. =)

Good Luck!