Cannot unscrew love bracelet, has been on for 8 years! Any ideas?

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  1. Does anybody have any advice?! I've tried several times over the years and i sort of end up slightly stripping the screw a little more so I just give up. I'm about to have my second baby and while I didn't have any complications that required me to take it off during my first delivery, i'm so afraid if I end up in a c section situation they'll cut the bracelet off and i'll be devastated as it was a gift from my husband 8 years ago and obviously means a lot to me (i haven't taken it off even once!). I don't really want to now either, but I want to know I could if i had to. Does anybody have any tricks to get off a stuck love bracelet?! I visited the store briefly once (not the service floor, though, bc i wasn't pregnant and not all that serious about it) and the sales rep thinks maybe over the years lotion and soap etc has gotten into the screw and is now acting as a sort of glue. any thoughts?! Pic of my well loved (now slightly snug, thanks baby weight haha) bracelet just for fun!

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  2. Try a larger jewelers screwdriver. You can’t get enough torque with the little Cartier driver.
  3. You should take it back to Cartier, they will know how to remove it. My love bracelet’s screw became loose on vacation and they actually put the glue on it at the Paris store. I was not able to take it off myself, but my local Cartier store used a larger screwdriver and it came off with some effort.
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  4. Agree with the others above — take it to Cartier and have them take it off, they have longer screwdrivers that have more leverage. I also couldn’t take mine off after trying multiple times over the course of 6 months, and they were able to do it at the store (there was definitely quite a bit of gunk stuck in there from lotion, soap, etc. over time).
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  5. Try wetting it first and then unscrewing it. I had the same issue when I was pregnant. 2 weeks before my due date, I was worried I’d go into labor early and that my bracelets will get cut off in the event of a c-section so I tried wetting it to loosen any lotion/soap gunk and it worked!