Cannot Understand Such Rudeness

  1. I have read each and every comment and this just makes me sick. There is no excuse for such behavior. It is wonderful to be in contact with such an amazing group of women. The positive feedback was outstanding, jealous, jealous, jealous. If they want fakes and bags from WALMART, so be it, not a problem for me. However, it has been really difficult for my daughter, she is 16 and I take very good care of her. She is an outstanding student, kind, and my I add very beautiful. Why is it a problem for people if she carries CHANEL, DIOR, or whatever? I am a single parent and I have a very good job. I can purchase whatever I want for my daughter, and it is the business of? NOBODY! I just started to chuckle when I read the comment concerning, marriage.We get this all of the time. " I SURE HOPE SHE MARRIES A MAN WITH MONEY SO SHE CAN CONTINUE TO DRESS LIKE THIS. HOW MUCH DID THAT COST? OMG, I WOULD NEVER SPEND THAT ON A PURSE, JACKET, SHOES, ETC.Why are you spoiling her, if she does not marry well I really feel sorry for her. As if she will not have a good job and be able to purchase whatever she likes.A few months ago someone just got me on the wrong day with that spoiled BS. I explained , spoiled is ungrateful, rude, not appreciating, not taking care of the things and people in your life, and most of all bad manners. I went on to explain to this person that she is not only without class and taste, she was without wants makes us civil, manners. Please explain to your children that this is in the worst of taste, simply bad manners. I am sure you were so beautiful, continue as you are!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have no idea what this is all about???^
  3. Is this in reference to some other posts? I think many people have been open and always try to give their opinions...
  4. I am also confused.
  5. This is true:
    "spoiled is ungrateful, rude, not appreciating, not taking care of the things and people in your life, and most of all bad manners. "

    Each to their own, no one has the right to comment on othersunless they themselves are doing all right. There is nothing wrong with purchasing whatever you like for you or your daughter. It is no one elses place to comment, unless you are being silly with your money and throwing it away. If all else is secure (roof over head, car childrens education, savings stowed away, life/health insurance)...then why not splurge on a little bitta luxury ?
  6. ^^:blink: Ditto (WTF?). Dunno what this is in regards to...
  7. Sorry Guys This Is Just A Reply On The Post Rude, Rude, Rude, @general Discussion.
  8. I think what she wrote is about people commenting on her and her daughter wearing luxury goods. Se seems to be commenting on some peoples rude posts (trolls?). It seems some people said (on or off forum) that she was spoiling her daughter. thus what I posted above ^^^
  9. Thanks, sometimes it just makes be angry ,sad, the works. It has been so uplifting to discover this site. Women who enjoy nice things and are able to share their joy, excitement with others. I make my house payment each month, save, do all of the things necessary to take care of myself and my daughter. Sometimes, it would just be nice to hear something positive. However, we will just continue to do want we need to do and be grateful for all of our blessings.
  10. Sounds good Ktown.. Enjoy!!!
  11. I think it's really good that you are able to take care of yourself & your daughter being a single parent. Kudos to you!! If you have everything financially stable then why not splurge on yourself & child. You deserve to treat yourself. Don't let people tell you otherwise.
  12. she's just commenting on the rudeness everyone else is experiencing in addition to her experiencing it herself ;)
  13. Ktown, my daughter is 14 years old and her father spoils her rotten! She's the only 14 year old that I know that has a Hermes Garden Party and a Killer Louis Vuitton collection and varous designer bags and shoes and clothes. I think that when kids get so much at a certain age they will always expect it later on. The more you give the more they want. This is comming from experience! She's already asking for a drivers license and she reminds hr father all the time that she wants a convertible BMW :WTF: Only if it were legal to beat her!!!!!! My husband and I argue about his all the time and it puts alot of stress in our marriage. His whole family spoils my kids! I don't like it and I have stressed this but I still feel like I get stepped over. This really upsets me,..
  14. i would have to say that the point of the OP making this thread.. was to vent.
  15. I am so very sorry about the confusion on my post. Never has anyone been rude to me on this site. I was posting a comment in reference to another post titled, RUDE, RUDE, RUDE UNDER GENERAL DISCUSSION. I MADE THE MISTAKE OF STARTING A NEW THREAD, INSTEAD OF POSTING ON THAT THREAD. IF YOU READ THE POST RUDE, RUDE RUDE, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND SOME OF MY COMMENTS. Again, I am very sorry for any confusion.