Cannot reply on mobile app.

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  1. Hi all please help, I can start a new thread using the app but I cannot respond to any. Help!!
  2. Oh now after I've posted this thread, it's letting me. LOL! Oh fail.. Haha!!
  3. Hi, have you tried to add 2 extra line breaks (reurn/enter key) after finished typing? before clicking send.

    Perhaps it works :wondering
  4. I can't post from the app either, unless I quote someone. I even deleted it and re-downloaded it with no better luck.
  5. Have you tried adding the carriage returns? It activates the send button if you add a few...
  6. What are those?
  7. ^Line breaks,

    I put in two line breaks here :wondering
  8. Returns. Paragraph returns
  9. Ohh ok. I'll try that and see if it works. Thanks!
  10. Well, I tried it. I can't reply at all on the iPhone 5. I only have the option to refresh.
  11. When you click reply what happens?
    Is the send button dark ^^^
    If you aren't quoting and only type a few words you have to hit return first ..

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  12. I deleted the app and re-installed it and it seems to be working now (with the carriage returns). Before, I didn't even have the option to reply. When I clicked the button the only option was to refresh the thread.