Cannot get Lilac out of my mind, but which style?

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Should I get a lilac bag?

  1. Med Campana

  2. Montaigne

  3. Small Cabat

  4. No, Lilac is a nice looking color but don't waste the $ if you don't think you'll use it often.

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  1. #1 Jul 2, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
    Ok ladies, I think I am getting crazy here...

    I saw all those lilac bags yesterday when I went to BV, felt that lilac is def a color I love looking at but unsure how often I would carry that color.....but I feel like I must own a lilac bag as I just love looking at the color!!!

    Anyway, saw the lilac campana and montaigne, both are pretty, and I also heard that lilac will come in cabat too.

    So here's how I feel about these 3 bags:

    Med Campana - probably the most user-friendly among the 3. And I do think the lilac goes better with the med Campana than the other 2 styles. But I just got an elephant large Campana, and so I am unsure if I should get another Campana (though it's different size, and totally has a different vibe).

    Montaigne - I never pay attention to it because I wasn't looking for a hand-held bag. But it does look cute and sweet in lilac. I like that little lock too.

    Small Asian sized cabat - have not seen one since only HI will have it and I don't know if they have received it. I like the size and shape of the small cabat, but I am unsure if I like its openess. Also, I kinda feel like the cabat looks better in bold colors (eg. cobalt) or metallic.

    So, should I get the lilac in any of these styles?
  2. Well I think the Montaigne is the way to go but I am just a LITTLE bit biased!
  3. LOL!!! Your vote shouldn't even be counted becasue regardless of the colors you will always for for Montaigne!!

    By the way, my SA told me last night that the bag can be carried on shoulder, is that true?
  4. Med Campana, I love the Med Campana! Might have to get one myself!
  5. I think the Montaigne is a fabulous style which really suits lilac. Lovely bag and lovely colour. I'd be surprised, though, if you can wear it as a shoulder bag. Certainly wouldn't suit my frame!
  6. One of each.;);)

    Med Campana would get my vote, although an Asian Cabat would be lovely, too!
  7. If you adjust the straps on the montaigne you can wear it on your shoulder--I put mine on the middle hole and it fits on my would fit even better if I put it on the last hole, but I don't like the way the strap looks that way.

    You know I like the medium campana, so that's my vote!!
  8. (I underlined parts of your post)

    From the above, I'd say it seems like you want the medium Campana the most out of the 3, given the lilac color. The bag has to appeal to you, so what you think matters more than what we think.

    But, I voted for your last option, not to buy if you're unsure about how often you'll use it. If you really love looking at the color, maybe you can get a lilac accessory, like a clutch, wallet, card case, or cosmetic pouch or something (I'm not sure what items come in lilac). That way you'll have a little piece of lilac to behold and can use from time to time.
  9. ITA with blueiris. That's what I'd do too- I love lilac but I have another lilac bag (not BV) which has only been used less than a handful of times the past year.

    I'm definitely planning to get an SLG in lilac just so I have a piece of it to touch and admire :P
  10. ^ You know, the SA told me that also, she said if I just really want a piece of lilac just get some small accessories. But I don't know what....I don't need a pouch or a wallet...
  11. How about a cosmetic case in either the medium or large? Personally I find the medium/large big enough to use as a clutch if the occcasion calls for it. That way you can use it just to organise your things in your bag or as a clutch if need be.

    Just my 2 cents worth :smile:
  12. It seems that you like the campana the most. But getting an accessory in lilac seems a good option too.
  13. thats what i do with my montaigne should fit your shoulder vote is the montaigne since u can adjust the straps and its such a versatile bag =)

  14. sngsk and I are on the same page! ;)

    hikarupanda, how about a coin purse? I think the top one and the one on the right are lilac, but I'm not positive (the one on the left might be grape).

    Or a bracelet? Key fob? Mobile 'phone/camera strap? I'm not sure what accessories come in the lilac color, and there are always some that are available that are not pictured on the website or catalog. Your SA would know for sure.
  15. Med Campana gets my vote.