cannot find wallet anywhere in my city! now what?

  1. searched high and low in SF for a pomme vernis pochette wallet..Neimans, bloomies, lv flagship - you name it.
    sold out at elux too. :sad:

    is there anything i can do???
  2. call 1866 vuitton and see if they can locate it for you,
  3. I'm sure everyone here will let you know if they see it in any of their stores and they you can call the store direct. Good luck!
  4. what happens if 1866 vuitton locates it for me? do they ship it to my louis store? are there shipping charges? thx!
  5. they can ship it to your house
  6. They will ship to your house and it will be through Fedex. Ground is 12.00 (I think) Hope you find it!
  7. I'm going tomorrow, I'll look for you here.
  8. it wasn't wallet.....

    but i bought my Stratus PM thru point they were all sold out and i couldn't find one.... they connected me to some store in NJ (or somewhere, i live in Fla) ---- for some reason, i paid less tax (fla tax of 6%....but if i buy something in boutique here, i have to pay 6.5%!!! it does make very little difference!!!!) and shipping was complimentary. although it came in pretty beat up box!!! inside was find though~

    good luck for finding one, most of 866 people are nice.

    ohh, now that i thought about it, i couldn't talk to the first 866 vuitton lady and i had to call back to talk to someone else (nicer) ---- keep calling until you get an answer you wanna hear!!! lol
  9. If there is a Saks near you, they can find which stores have it. You can order it directly from the store that has it and then if you don't love it, you can return it to the Saks near you...just did that today :smile:.
  10. Hmmm is the pomme vernis wallets a seasonal item or is it always available throughout as a standard vernis colour?

    I am looking to buy a pomme vernis ludlow... :nuts:
  11. My store has this wallet in stock...$605+tax. It is gorgeous!!

    I talked to the SA and they will ship to you. PM me for details if you're interested.
  12. ^^They had the pomme ludlow in stock too (pretty sure I saw it) me if you want the info...
  13. I could also purchase and send if you're interested in doing it that way.
  14. Glad someone found it for you!!!
  15. gapaholic13: You're such a darling ! (Even though it's not me you're helping) :tup: